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Hanse Sailor - Shrouds less 2

“15:47,27 56:57,50W”
256 miles to go to Saint Lucia
after a great run yesterday we had our showers our meal and a relax time just to be confronted with 1st port baby shroud giving where i had the idea of changing over the starboard to the port as we were on a port tack . climbing up and onto port shroud and undoing dropping into sea so the guys could get the broken one back was a bit of a problem with the 7 meter swells . great all done time to go onto starboard and remove that baby shroud but first i wanted to put a couple of anchor lines to support the middle of the mast . BANG and the starboard baby gives way and im down the mast the fastest i have done it in a long way . spinnaker sheet up and over spreader around mast and back to a port cleat and then repeated on the other side gave us that support we required and we were back on the move again at a very healthy 6 knots heading in the right direction with only 4sq meters of sail out. A quick email off to arc control to check if anyone was close enough should the mast drop and we need any assistance with fuel for the remaining 400 miles . fingers crossed so far . the evening was spent in our traditional way with wine and a few games of cards to relax ourselves after such a hectical evening . with the wind and waves sending us to st Lucia we are now confident that all is well and we will get there under 1/8 sail and with the generator with about 75 lts of fuel . O we like to cut it fine .
Lovely morning with a few squalls gave us time to have a fresh water shower and that looks like what is going to happen for next couple of days while we are out here . so watch us on yellow brick and you may hear from us tomorrow .

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