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Hanse Sailor - Last full day

“15:10,13 58:53,26W”
Last full day on the water we think with different crew effected in different ways , some saying that they are looking forward to getting back to their loved ones and others saying they are not looking forward to the life in the rat race and back to what they don't want to do for the rest of life . one will hopefully be changing his life for the better after the 4 weeks with us and realising that there is more to life after talking between us . Lives are changed at sea and i hope that we have helped people look at theirs and come to appreciate what they have and what they could have and others to know that they only live once so go out and live it. Its hard to remove yourselves from day to day life and assess what is and isn't important to you . Loved ones ay home miss you as well as you miss them.
Well that's the thoughts and feelings finished .
We had a good run under 3 mtrs of main sail and did 140 in 24 hours which shows who need big sails . (but we would like them ) Dinner of chilly con can and fruit cake made by our resident pastry chef.
bumpy but good night had by most and breakfast of bacon eggs in a wrap . 139 miles to go and the wind looks good for the trip . just need to be gentle on the mast and when turning back into Rodney bay upwind taking a little more sail in will get us safe and secure into our marina berth . still have one 25lts of fuel drum which we will put in as we go into port or the generator runs out first . Food plentiful and water not a problem . may even let a few have a shower tonight for a special treat ?? beers and wine in the fridge and red wine ready to be opened on final leg of trip ready for our arrival at about 3pm tomorrow afternoon subject to all the usual problems like wind , mast, navigation and everything else that can go wrong over the next 14 hours.
Talk to everyone in my last of the Atlantic crossing blogs tomorrow so dont miss the overall views of the crew as i ask them all to write a bit about what they feel and have over the long trip .
Buy for now Andy Hanse Sailor at sea

Saying of the day

Don't just talk about it “do it”

We have done it and have learnt , enjoyed and appreciated it

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