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Blonde Moment
Owner Paul Wade
Design Hallberg Rassy 48
Length Overall 14 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Blonde Moment - another squall approaching

Hello der man!!Ok,we're getting closer to de Caribbean and it certainly feels like it today, a real scorcher, we're on iced tea and coffee, ice-lollies and very cold drinks to cool down and i understand snow is forecast in the UK! We have been tracking a large squall for over an hour - in fact we have headed for it to get some rain to cool us down from the blistering heat.... soapand towels at theready! Anyway, it finally got to us arrived wind but we had a great hour of white sail reaching with boat speeds around 12 kts! great fun However it looks likewe're in for an interesting night of squalls and variable winds, the promised stronger, steady North Easterlies still haven't joined us!Trying not to talk about ETA's but everyone seems to be asking us....we have a big birthday on. read more...


Blonde Moment - Where does all the time go?

Hey!Sorry for silence from Blonde Moment and crew, but we've been very busy, don't know where the time goes! We gybed at least 4 times in the last couple of days, trying to find these stronger NE winds and also almost catching 3 fish!!The problem we have on board is that one crew member doesn't like fish and 2 others feel sorry for them and, although love the thought of fresh Mahi Mshi for dinner, hope the poor little things will get away! We had the full detailed tutorialby Mark from Mad Monkey on lures, how to make them,howset the hook up with feathers and hair (thankfully not mine! ) and how to catch a fish.Today 3 fish got away and one lure has been half eaten!..........this fishing is becoming much harder and the successes of the first couple of days must have been luck rather than. read more...


Blonde Moment - Nearly there!!

Hello again!We've passed the 1,000 mile distance to go mark so we hadour second ice-cream treat this afternoon- those last few miles seemed to take ages, but now they've passed, we're steaming ahead and eating the miles quite quickly!Of course, discussions are being had about our ETA and the pressure is on to maintain our position, now it is established so tactics and sail trimming techniques are in full flow and we're disappointed if VMG is less than 7knots! Over 7 and it become VGM (very good miles). A week ago we would have been happy with 5!! After days of not seeing any boats, like buses, 3 came at once today!!We know we're on our way to somewhere hot, it's very muggy and warm at night, on watch now in shorts and t-shirts! Still little marine life, though one boat reported. read more...


Blonde Moment - officially in the middle of the Atlantic

We're now officially in the middle of the Atlantic, calculating whether we'll be in St Lucia for the early bird beach party, the big birthday, Helen's birthday from Mad Monkey or just miss our flights home, only Neptune knows! Think he might be on our side though as we toasted the half way Atlantic mark with a mouthful of bubbles for breakfast and gave King Neptune a little sip too!First of December and Christmas is well on it's way aboard Blonde Moment, with the tree up and advent calendar filled, Percy Pigs today for Day 1. It doesn't feel at all like Christmas though! Steak and chips for dinner, has to be a first, though they had a birthday aboard Mischief yesterday and had a full roast with yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings!!Feeling sleepy tonight so will write more tomorrow,. read more...


Blonde Moment - Blog No 6, I think!!!

Hello, for some reason I seem to only get blog writing time on night shift, but we have the most fantastic night here, almost a full moon with some clouds and when the moon re-appears from behind a cloud, it feels like there's a ship approaching too closely from behind and turned all its lights on, eerie! The man in the moon is smiling and playing tricks on us! Apparently it is a supermoon at the moment, meaning it is closer to us than normal, certainly looks huge!I'm sorry tohear that the weather in the UK is minus 4 degrees, I just can't imagine that at the moment sailing by the light of the moon just dressed in just T shirt and short and with Christmas now just around the corner .....all feels very strange!! It's been boiling here today, when we gybed earlier (which we've almost. read more...

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