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Blonde Moment - Day 6 Tuesday 23rd May

Blonde Moment Boat Log
Tuesday May 23, 2023
After a couple of days of great wind, which was taking us in the right direction, we have been experiencing light winds today and the sea looks like a lake on a day with a breeze, with no swell. During the day the weather has been hot and dry (shorts and bare feet!). The evenings can be on the cool side, making you look for a thermal layer and a hat. After a few very dark nights with only Venus and stars to light the sky, the moon finally reappeared on Sunday night. We have seen two boats in the last 24 hours, one was a 300M cargo ship which passed under 2NM of us. We spend our watches exploring the large music collection. As I write this log, the skipper is Listening to Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell. Classic!
This evening we will be at the half-way point to the Azores, with 940 NM to go. We will celebrate with fist bumps and a nice dinner made by our skipper. Being in the middle of an ocean makes one feel quite small. There is absolutely nothing in every direction as far as the eye can see.
In the last two days we have seen dolphins very briefly twice, a jumping tuna, hundreds of Portuguese Man-o-war, plus a whale this morning (who was….big) off the beam. Although we have not yet caught a fish, another boat named Abundance took several hours to land a 60-inch 200lb tuna yesterday, weighing as much as most adults. We look forward to seeing the photos in the marina.
Everyone is doing well onboard, and things have settled into a routine. We set the time ahead an hour today as the sun rose at 04:00 am today (that was early…). As always, we are happy to not have had any mishaps, illness, or injuries. Let's hope it stays that way.
Marc - Chief Medical officer

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