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Blonde Moment - Leg 2 Log 1

Blonde Moment Boat Log
Thursday May 18, 2023
Yesterday we said goodbye to beautiful Bermuda. We had a chance to explore and visit some attractions after some repairs were completed to a leaky hatch, and a patch on our head sail was taken care of at the local sail locker. We also attended some very nice ARC events.
We had a very good start yesterday, and for our first 12 hours we made great progress with good winds. It is always amazing to see a large group of sail boats crossing the start line. Last night we lost our wind and ended up motoring until it came back for as few more hours. The moonless and cloudless night provided quite the star show, where we saw a flash of light that lit up the sky off our port side that had no explanation. The seas and wind are calm today, and we have had to motor once again. No fish on our line so far, but we have seen quite a few Portuguese man-o-war which look like little floating bags on the surface.
So far everything is going well, and we hope that the winds improve.........

As if by magic the winds arrived and we are now sailing again with genoa and 1st reef in the main with 20 to 25 kts winds across the deck on port tack.

chief victular and medical officer

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