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Blonde Moment - Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023
It has been a bizarre couple of days with very low winds, and a weather forecast which made us wonder if it was a typo. (winds from 0 degrees to 270 degreesÂ…? Seriously..) Dolphins were easily spotted in the glassy calm water, with the common dolphins jumping right out of the water. We were seeing small pods of them several times per watch. Then, on Friday evening as we were making dinner, a sperm whale surfaced on the port beam about 15 meters away and stayed with us for a few moments. Quite a sight. We continue to have warm and sunny weather with cool nights. Sunday morning it rained for ten minutes, which is more rain in total than we have seen since Antigua a month ago.
We seem to have been motoring away from the wind that is approaching from the west, so on Sunday it was decided that we would have what we called "a beach day" and pull the sails in and drift, as we waited for the wind to arrive. Our course on YB must look like we have lost our minds as we do slow 360 degree turns. This choice to pull over at the side of the road would conserve our fuel, and hopefully result in some sailing in the hours to come. We had different visitors to the boat today. Instead of dolphins we have had a sea bird perched on our instruments at the top of the mast and a monarch style butterfly land on our John Buoy (where are you going?)
The highlight of the day so far was our mid Atlantic Ocean swim. All of us took turns with this intentional person overboard drill, and if it was on anyone's bucket listÂ….check. A few moments after we got back out of the water, some wind arrived. Off we go.
Everyone and everything is fine on Blonde Moment. 350NMs to go.
Now sailing again but slowly

Chief Medical Officer

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