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Owner Philip Rann
Design CNB/Freres
Length Overall 27 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 1989

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Bristolian - Postscript: Thats All Folks

Ahoy hoySo finally we finished, getting over the finishing line in the early hours of Monday morning.As seems to be the way of all things yachting, even past the post problems occurred when we discovered  the bow thrusters, handy thing for a boat the size of Bristolian, had stopped working .  Curse you Generator 1.  You only have one task to do, some simple hydraulics, and despite having a leisurely fortnight doing naff all you refuse to start up for one last task.Luckily the good people in the marina happily supplied a chap in a dingy to help moor, and so disaster was averted for our final docking.  And what a final docking it was. Over 30 good folks, friends of Mr and Mrs Big and the crew, all gathered a shoutin' and a hollerin' and waving  flags as we came in. Fantastic.Once Capn. read more...


Bristolian - Day 15: So Long, Farewell, Auf Weidersein, Goodbye

Ahoy hoyTouch wood laminate look-alike, we should be in Rodney Bay tomorrow morning most likely around 9 - hurrah!  Go North Paddy will be the sweepstake winner, pirate tattoos and ship polo shirts will be worn, and much champagne quaffed.  Most of us will be meeting up with our loved ones, the voluntary alcohol ban will be lifted and much merriment will follow. The past 24 hours have chugged by with many doing the mental equivalent of Alex Ferguson looking at his watch deep into injury time.  I suspect the next hours  will be quite similar until we see land tomorrow.Mr Big busied himself in the galley this morning cooking a serious breakfast for us all, which went down very well. All the pre cooked meals have now gone so tonight the crew will be spoilt with sausages and beans.Its. read more...


Bristolian - Day 14: Chocks Away!

Ahoy hoyThis mornings mini crisis was caused by the main halliard becoming detached due to a faulty shackle.  Mr Big had the cunning plan to send up the topping lift with a fisherman's gaff attached to snag it. The plan worked brilliantly and much slapping of backs ensued until halfway down the halliard twisted and caused an internal jam which bent the gaff straight and destroyed said cunning plan.  My understanding of the consequence of this is now that we cant use the big flappy thing until and if we hit a flat calm stretch of water and can send up fearlessly Lucky Lucky Lachie in the bosun's chair to recapture the elusive halliard.   Our jib  though is doing us proud on its own though, so who needs the big flappy thing.Saturday morning it seems is clean the boat morning so all hands. read more...


Bristolian - Day 13: Diving for pearls

Ahoy hoyHigh excitement this morning as the cursed gennaker dragged one of its sheets around the prop.  Step forward hero of the hour Go North Paddy, armed only with mask, flippers and water wings, plus the galleys sharpest bread knife.  In less time than than it would take you to say "James Cameron is slightly obsessed"  he'd  freed the rope, played with some dolphins and amused a passing shoal of flying fish. Otherwise yesterday was pretty much as anticipated, motoring in a dead calm and sunbathing.   Not much energy was wasted on board games although GN Paddy introduced a new game called s***head which was warmly adopted.Capn Jonners was tickled by receiving a call on our sat phone from someone wanting to speak to Design Concepts. He had a pleasant chat. read more...


Bristolian - Day 11: Meet the crew

Ahoy hoyShould be a quiet day today, engines running, sun is hot, sea is tranquil.  So instead of the normal drivel, lets have a Meet the CrewMr Big - Bristolian owner and the Petit Munster of the boat big cheeses - strong and dominating and often to be found on balconies of sensitive households. Ever the pragmatist he decided to get himself a boat to have a look at the world before making a final decision on whether to dominate it or notCapn Jonners - His cool head and sweet tooth has single handedly saved the gummy bear industry from decline.  Favourite Pea: MushyNorth Seeking Paddy - Keeps the scurvy crew well organised by a regime of terror. Its no more than we deserve.  Always busy keep the good ship Bristolian running, whether in the sweaty engine room or half way up. read more...

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