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Bristolian - Day 13: Diving for pearls

Ahoy hoy

High excitement this morning as the cursed gennaker dragged one of its sheets around the prop.  Step forward hero of the hour Go North Paddy, armed only with mask, flippers and water wings, plus the galleys sharpest bread knife.  In less time than than it would take you to say "James Cameron is slightly obsessed"  he'd  freed the rope, played with some dolphins and amused a passing shoal of flying fish.

Otherwise yesterday was pretty much as anticipated, motoring in a dead calm and sunbathing.   Not much energy was wasted on board games although GN Paddy introduced a new game called s***head which was warmly adopted.

Capn Jonners was tickled by receiving a call on our sat phone from someone wanting to speak to Design Concepts. He had a pleasant chat with the caller who was surprised to be told he'd just called mid Atlantic. The caller even rang back a couple of minutes later to confirm he had the wrong number.

Great night on watch with a clear sky displaying a zillion stars and a burst of Gustav Holst blaring through the Bose.

Back to today, once GN Paddy had completed his heroics we finally raised the Gennaker, only to find its performance in light winds fairly disappointing, so back to the motor until things pick up.

Friday night is of course CURRY NIGHT, in which the esteemed chef tries not to imitate Gordon Ramsey's potty mouth too much with a multitude of pots rattling around the galley. Fingers crossed we'll still be becalmed then. Theres a Green Chicken curry, Lamb Jalfrezi and a garlic prawn dish, with breads and (if the yoghurt is still in date) rhaita.

Current ETA Monday daytime, not that anyone is counting of course.


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