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Bristolian - Day 11: Meet the crew

Ahoy hoy

Should be a quiet day today, engines running, sun is hot, sea is tranquil.  So instead of the normal drivel, lets have a Meet the Crew

Mr Big - Bristolian owner and the Petit Munster of the boat big cheeses - strong and dominating and often to be found on balconies of sensitive households. Ever the pragmatist he decided to get himself a boat to have a look at the world before making a final decision on whether to dominate it or not

Capn Jonners - His cool head and sweet tooth has single handedly saved the gummy bear industry from decline.  Favourite Pea: Mushy

North Seeking Paddy - Keeps the scurvy crew well organised by a regime of terror. Its no more than we deserve.  Always busy keep the good ship Bristolian running, whether in the sweaty engine room or half way up the mast in a gale. Catchphrase "Never home before sunrise"

Simon Potato - Who's da man that counts them sweet potatoes? Simon's da man!. Snores a bit but otherwise a good roomie

Petit Pierre - Form filler by day, deadly assassin by night - if you're a slug you'd better watch out, Pete's on your slimy trail.  if you're a Brussels bureaucrat Pete's form is in the post. Least favourite grass :Black 

Steve the Pirate - Charming, self effacing, handsome and modest.

Trickie Dickie -   Richard the Engineer, Electrician, Master Baker (yes baker) of Cakes.   Is there anything this boy cannot do?  Well yes, the washing up.

Bianca  - Queen of the galley, which is organised with true 'Bok efficiency.  Favourite boyfriend: Nixy

Kat - Kat the Kat, makes your average tabby look clumsy. Can shin up a backstay as quick as a flash, and daily exercise is 30 time around deck walking on hands followed by 50 push ups. Fueled by chocolate.

Lucky Lucky Lachie - He should be so lucky. Hailing from the land of the second best rugby nation (NZ) - Lachie combines a love of all things bovine with huge energy and efficiency around deck.  Often to be seen fearlessly hanging from on high in the bosun's chair.

Commodore Ken - It was recently revealed that the Commodore is in fact the secret love child of Roger Moore and Telly Savalas. Always dapper around the poop deck, he comes into his own by dressing for dinner with freshly starched shirt, jacket and crevatte.  Managed to sneak a Corby Trouser press in his hand luggage. Favourite breakfast cereal : Porridge

Kodachrome Ali - Davids Bailey and Attenborough step away from the lens - Ali will outsnap them all.  Laid back almost to the state of comotose, but no couch potato he, no mountain too high, no river too deep, Ali will be conquering it.  Also very handy with the electrical screwdriver.

Finally in today's important news, tonight's delicatation in the staff canteen will be chicken ciaccatora


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