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Bristolian - Postscript: Thats All Folks

Ahoy hoy

So finally we finished, getting over the finishing line in the early hours of Monday morning.

As seems to be the way of all things yachting, even past the post problems occurred when we discovered  the bow thrusters, handy thing for a boat the size of Bristolian, had stopped working .  Curse you Generator 1.  You only have one task to do, some simple hydraulics, and despite having a leisurely fortnight doing naff all you refuse to start up for one last task.

Luckily the good people in the marina happily supplied a chap in a dingy to help moor, and so disaster was averted for our final docking.  And what a final docking it was. Over 30 good folks, friends of Mr and Mrs Big and the crew, all gathered a shoutin' and a hollerin' and waving  flags as we came in. Fantastic.

Once Capn Jonners had concluded the last maneuver, all the cheerers poured aboard, champagne corks popped , rum punches were gargled like mouthwash, beer seeped over the decks.  A crafty can or two was passed over to the neighbouring police boat. The volume was pumped up and if you've ever had a Monday morning like it then sir, you are a damned liar.

To quote that esteemed gatherer of news, the ARC website

"Earlier this morning, Bristolian had a whopping 32 friends and family greet them on the dock just after sunrise. Their cheering and merrymaking continued throughout the morning, as shouts and cheers could be heard emanating from the boat on I-dock throughout the marina. "

What a welcome - if you weren't there, you missed a treat, if you were then then thank you, thank you, it  meant a lot to us.

We were 18th over the line, not bad for a non racer, and while some mean spirited law maker may dock us for the occasional use of the engines (no big flappy thing remember) we were all delighted with the result.

So now we the crew, the WAGS, friends and associated hangers on are imprisoned in Sandals resort courtesy of Mr and Mrs Big. Its not easy, but someone has to do it.


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