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Mary Jo
Owner Alex Santoriello
Design Sweden 42
Length Overall 13 m 25 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Mary Jo - Arnold

Once again the towed impeller for the water generator has been a big hitwith the more discerning of the Ocean’s inhabitants.   The array consists of a skinny missile-shaped device, about two feet long,black-painted metal (shiny ones kept getting taken by the big sharks in thepast).Attached by a thirty meter line to the conical, leading end it, has a fixedpropeller at the aft end (to make it turn).The other end of the line is secured to the actual generator spindle whichhangs from the stern of the boat.The impeller spins in the water which twists the line, which turns thespindle and, Eureka – you have power. Ingenious – and that is precisely what thelocal whales and dolphins seem to think...   This time it it was Arnold’s turn.   Arnold is a whale, more of a big overgrown. read more...


Mary Jo - day 15

Weather has been changeable to say the least. Lightning all night Sunday, Squalls every couple of hours, dull and cloudy yesterday, I could have been in the Irish sea, but then I wouldn’t have had shorts on. Last night during one of our many squalls, I was tucked up away from the torrential rain, under the sprayhood, when a flying fish glanced off my forehead.This morning, we have been joined for over an hour by an ‘Orca’ type whale. It swam alongside us, regularly crossing our bow. I felt sure it was sizing us up for lunch.Last nights stars were amazing, with no moon, the milky way was incredibly clear. Boiling hot today, and we skirted the only squall. Only 600 miles to go, a mere Biscay crossing, I can almost smell the Rum. K . read more...


Mary Jo - Blog Day 13.

Kerry back. After Nick’s profound message yesterday, which summed up his feelings, here’s the abridged/Kerry version. We are right in the middle of the Ocean, unable to influence anything in the world, However, we shattered Nick’s peace yesterday afternoon, by listening to the football on BBC World service. As for the rainclouds, TJ, Nick, & myself took Chris Tibbs advice, & upon the arrival of a squall, stripped naked in the cockpit, and soaped ourselves, awaiting the inevitable downpour. When it arrived, (10 minutes later) we got a cracking shower, but surprised owner Alex, when he appeared in the companionway, for his watch, dressed in full foul weather gear! It is VERY warm here, & the sun extremely strong.We’ve caught some fish, Doradas, big yellow ones, & Nick. read more...


Mary Jo - Yesterday and today

16 deg. 38 mins. North, 041 deg. 37 mins. West  First Mate's Log, Stardate:- 1630/08/12/2012 GMT,Current Epoch.  A beautiful sunny day, wind's dropped; a vast horizonand a tall sky. The big lines of white and grey puffyclouds sit low over the water in the distance in all directions so that you can see their full, towering heights; theycast big pools of shadow over portions of the sea.There is rain under some of them.I had a shower under one such just yesterday, windswept,cooling, fresh water straight from the sky - a gift toone who was parched.... It is very hot now, for the first time - panting likedogs, sweat providing the only cooling possible.Luckily we still have a fridge and so the water is cold;mixed with a little lime squash and concentrated lemon juice, one has,. read more...


Mary Jo - blog, day 10

We are now firmly, & officially in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Although we had the company of Bardeaux for a time yesterday, the ocean seems pretty empty. We did a marathon sail change yesterday, and have put the downwind goosewinging, and rolling behind us. We are now reaching in a southerly breeze, and maintaining 7 knots. So good is the sailing, that we have been handsteering for long periods, especially at night. Loads of funny moments, but last night’s watch needs a special mention. TJ commented that he hadn’t seen a flying fish for a while, when one caught Alex cleanly on the chest while he was helming, leaving a scaly, smelly splatter. Food, on board still fantastic, no sign of scurvy amongst the crew. I could do with a cold beer though. Really hot during the day, and. read more...

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