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Mary Jo - blog, day 10

We are now firmly, & officially in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Although we had the company of Bardeaux for a time yesterday, the ocean seems pretty empty. We did a marathon sail change yesterday, and have put the downwind goosewinging, and rolling behind us. We are now reaching in a southerly breeze, and maintaining 7 knots. So good is the sailing, that we have been handsteering for long periods, especially at night. Loads of funny moments, but last night’s watch needs a special mention. TJ commented that he hadn’t seen a flying fish for a while, when one caught Alex cleanly on the chest while he was helming, leaving a scaly, smelly splatter. Food, on board still fantastic, no sign of scurvy amongst the crew. I could do with a cold beer though. Really hot during the day, and pretty warm at night. Roll on the Caribbean.

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