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Mary Jo - Blog Day 13.

Kerry back.
After Nick’s profound message yesterday, which summed up his feelings, here’s the abridged/Kerry version.
We are right in the middle of the Ocean, unable to influence anything in the world, However, we shattered Nick’s peace yesterday afternoon, by listening to the football on BBC World service.
As for the rainclouds, TJ, Nick, & myself took Chris Tibbs advice, & upon the arrival of a squall, stripped naked in the cockpit, and soaped ourselves, awaiting the inevitable downpour. When it arrived, (10 minutes later) we got a cracking shower, but surprised owner Alex, when he appeared in the companionway, for his watch, dressed in full foul weather gear! It is VERY warm here, & the sun extremely strong.
We’ve caught some fish, Doradas, big yellow ones, & Nick is cooking them perfectly. Fruit has now run out, so got to watch for scurvy amongst the crew in the next week.  

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