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Mary Jo - day 15

Weather has been changeable to say the least. Lightning all night Sunday, Squalls every couple of hours, dull and cloudy yesterday, I could have been in the Irish sea, but then I wouldn’t have had shorts on. Last night during one of our many squalls, I was tucked up away from the torrential rain, under the sprayhood, when a flying fish glanced off my forehead.
This morning, we have been joined for over an hour by an ‘Orca’ type whale. It swam alongside
us, regularly crossing our bow. I felt sure it was sizing us up for lunch.
Last nights stars were amazing, with no moon, the milky way was incredibly clear. Boiling hot today, and we skirted the only squall. Only 600 miles to go, a mere Biscay crossing, I can almost smell the Rum.

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