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Owner Rogier Frederiks
Design Amel 54
Length Overall 17 m 20 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Poespas - getting very close

Day 17, 2330 UTLooks like yours truly has lost his bet …I had said I expected the crossing to take 16 days and 10 hours. My crew estimated a bit longer and it looks as if I owe them that bottle…. We are definitely past 16 days now. I had hoped to take the intermediate route via the south, but not as far south as we went eventually. Obviously that added at least another 80 to 100 miles to our transatlantic sojourn. I had counted on an average speed of 7 knots which worked out quite well as an average overall. What didn't help was being becalmed a few days ago, but then that was easily compensated for by that sight of the 2 minke whales circling around us for a good hour or so. That and of course the mid ocean windsurfing session of which the pics will be uploaded shortly.We are now. read more...


Poespas - day 16

Day 16Sun, sea and….no fishThe second day of typical tropical trade wind sailing, with conditions and hence sails very much like the day before. Running almost dead downwind goosewinged can be a tad rolly, but it is amazing how the body and mind can adapt to conditions like that, provided it is tired enough (but not too tired) and a good quality lee cloth is fitted to every bunk.Towards sunset we had two bites (see below), one of which an impressively sized tuna, but they both managed to do a runner when being very close to being hauled in and toasted in the usual way. Mike's rather colourful language certainly turned the skies even more blue than they already were…Perhaps it was the bottle of Glenlivet telling us that only the very best fish will be toasted with its 15 year old. read more...


Poespas - day 15

Day 15Our first proper day of tropical trade wind sailing. A lovely breeze of 20 to 25 knots from the north east and hot, sunny conditions with only fair weather cumulus clouds on the horizon, saw us making progress towards our ultimate waypoint at an average speed of 7 knots, sailing on a wide beam reach to broad reach with genoa and mizzen. We can't use the mainsail in these conditions because it will cause a wind shadow for the genoa which will then collapse and flap about, shaking the rigging. Unfortunately slightly too much wind for another Parasailor session since the seas were a little too confused as well.Towards the evening the wind veered as forecast by the grib files we downloaded (we still cannot receive sufficiently clear enough faxes of the synoptic charts due to too much. read more...


Poespas - day 14

Day 14We finally did it! We got it up. The Parasailor that is. After many days of forlorn hope finally weather conditions allowed us to hoist it. A steady if slightly fishtailing wind of 15 knots gave us the right conditions to sail for a good 2 hours or so with just the Parasailor up and all other sails furled. Initially it was slightly unstable, waving to and from in front of our bow, but once the wind steadied and built up to a good 18 knots, it was just perfect. Speeds were approaching 9 knots, and towards the end when the wind picked up to a good true 20 knots (the Parasailor's recommended upper limit) it was as steady as a rock and pushing us along at almost 10 knots. As it was approaching dusk and the winds appearing as if it might increase, we took the decision to dowse it. It. read more...


Poespas - day 13

Day 13After our beautiful tuna's revenge had worn off by pelting us with rain most of the night, dawn arrived with an overcast sky and winds of 20 to 25 knots, gusting to 30. Still sailing on starboard tack and on a broad reach, our speed occasionally hitting 9-10 knots. We are still Parasailor virgins, and we are awaiting conditions to be slightly more benign for its first use. Aeolus, please be gentle with us the first time!Those fish must have heard on the pelagic grapevine to avoid us like the plague, because we have been trailing our irresistible lure all day and not a single bite. So we spent most of the day lazing about, reading, eating and contemplating life, the universe and everything. Or at least yours truly did the contemplating. There's something special about being in the. read more...

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