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Poespas - day 15

Day 15
Our first proper day of tropical trade wind sailing. A lovely breeze of 20 to 25 knots from the north east and hot, sunny conditions with only fair weather cumulus clouds on the horizon, saw us making progress towards our ultimate waypoint at an average speed of 7 knots, sailing on a wide beam reach to broad reach with genoa and mizzen. We can't use the mainsail in these conditions because it will cause a wind shadow for the genoa which will then collapse and flap about, shaking the rigging. Unfortunately slightly too much wind for another Parasailor session since the seas were a little too confused as well.
Towards the evening the wind veered as forecast by the grib files we downloaded (we still cannot receive sufficiently clear enough faxes of the synoptic charts due to too much atmospheric disturbance on the airwaves). So we poled out the genoa again and sailed with that and mizzen sheeted out during the night.
Towards sunset the "boom bar" (see description below) was declared open and as yours truly was taking arty farty pictures of his crew and theire beer cans silhouetted against the setting sun, the crew were taking their daily dose of "social lubricant" in the form of San Miguel (the skipper only has the odd glass of white with his dinner). Pictures of this will be uploaded after our arrival.

Day 15 has been wall to wall sunshine, I think our first. Another no fish day….not sure whats going on there, maybe just used up all our beginners luck.
Good speed all day today and still into the night, plus it seems between a half and one knot of current helping us along
As a lot of our sailing has been done without the use of our mainsail we have had a lot of usable coach roof space going to waste,but not any more. We have created the "Boom Bar" where the crew meet an hour before sunset, strict dress code applies ( you must be clipped on at the Boom Bar, so lifejackets and harnesses are essential wear ) to keep out undesirables. We then consume a can of beer whilst recounting our day, throw a few moves and watch the sunset……I don't know why this has not been thought of before, securely fastened to the bar of an ale house….makes perfect sense to me.
A little bit of a reflective day today for me and when I get to St Lucia I shall be thinking of those who inspired me to go sailing all those years ago but weren't around long enough to fulfil their dreams
Cheers to Rob and Jo
No fish for Supper ( Tartifillette and buttered cabbage instead)
Pigs leg still under dinghy

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