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Poespas - day 13

Day 13

After our beautiful tuna's revenge had worn off by pelting us with rain most of the night, dawn arrived with an overcast sky and winds of 20 to 25 knots, gusting to 30. Still sailing on starboard tack and on a broad reach, our speed occasionally hitting 9-10 knots. We are still Parasailor virgins, and we are awaiting conditions to be slightly more benign for its first use. Aeolus, please be gentle with us the first time!

Those fish must have heard on the pelagic grapevine to avoid us like the plague, because we have been trailing our irresistible lure all day and not a single bite. So we spent most of the day lazing about, reading, eating and contemplating life, the universe and everything. Or at least yours truly did the contemplating. There's something special about being in the middle of a vast ocean, all alone, that makes you aware of your own insignificance, yet paradoxically also making you feel at one with the universe at large. This is even more marked at night under a starlit, moonless sky, but in daylight and scanning the horizon, with nothing to see but the ocean and its waves all around you, can have a similar effect. It makes you realise how special our world is, and how important it is to leave it in good shape for our descendants. It is magical to be away from all the petty geopolitical power games, the news on the radio and tv, and not having to think about how we are dumbing down our world with all that celeb rubbish. Come to think of it….perhaps it is exactly the latter that the powers to be want to happen to the population at large, lest said citizens start thinking for themselves and start asking too many awkward questions…
Yuck! I am starting to feel mal de mer now. So that is the last word on politics you get to hear from me. Time to send this via the radio set and then go on watch, trying to overtake an ARC participant 5 miles ahead of us.

Lazy Sunday afternoon,………… well…….., and morning and evening aswell really. No fish captured today, stbd broad reach all day , poled out. 20 to 30 knots of wind, that's about it…
I must confess to being a little disappointed that no one turned up with a little olive oil (see previous log). I waited in all day aswell….. never mind, I obviously didn't barter very well
So all is well here, another fine day on poespas 5 or so days away from our destination
Still not used Parasailer due to strong winds
Pigs leg still under dinghy…. But reducing in size
Fish for supper


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