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Poespas - day 16

Day 16
Sun, sea and….no fish
The second day of typical tropical trade wind sailing, with conditions and hence sails very much like the day before. Running almost dead downwind goosewinged can be a tad rolly, but it is amazing how the body and mind can adapt to conditions like that, provided it is tired enough (but not too tired) and a good quality lee cloth is fitted to every bunk.
Towards sunset we had two bites (see below), one of which an impressively sized tuna, but they both managed to do a runner when being very close to being hauled in and toasted in the usual way. Mike's rather colourful language certainly turned the skies even more blue than they already were…
Perhaps it was the bottle of Glenlivet telling us that only the very best fish will be toasted with its 15 year old contents. Oh well, at least the lovely creatures lived to fight another day.

So no fish for two days……. And then two come along…..only problem is, they both got away when they were within 5 metres of the boat. Now that happens I hear you cry, but oh no, not on this boat…. The vitriol (is that how you spell it ?)….. I guess you have worked out that I was winding in the string….. on both occasions……… and the rest of the crew,My Pupils, which make it worse…got all accusational and started pointing the finger. I tried to explain to them that without me they would not be where they are today… that just seemed to make things worse, I don't understand it !!!!!!
So we had goulash for supper chefed (is that a word) up by Axle,( who is actually still talking to me),Which was very nice indeed and made a very nice change from fish ……actually!!!!
Bit of a crossroads today, the old pigs leg was stripped of the rest of his meat and then with a few words from our skipper, his bones and grissly bits were cast into the deep blue with a few moments silence and contemplation to honour the old porker.
All friendships come to an end
Anyway, we hope to be in St Lucia Friday night or early Saturday morning, and we are ready.
For those of you who have been reading this log, we will continue writing it until we are disconnected. Until then we hope you enjoy our musings and when it all comes to an end…. Perhaps you could go out a little more often !
Goulash for supper
Pigs leg , is no more

In Memoriam
It is with regret that the SV Poespas reports the passing of one of its crew, the pig's leg a.k.a Able Seaman Trotter. He joined the boat in Las Palmas, after being raised on a farm and was a Ham radio enthusiast and a loyal supporter of West Ham. He will be missed.
The day didn't start well when Roger found chafe on his dinghy {not pleasant in this climate]. Corresponding abrasion was found on the pig's leg and an urgent consultation was arranged with Herr Doktor Axel who fortunately could fit him in his busy surgery. Axel prescribed some oinkment with little effect and so radical and invasive surgery quickly followed. By 1100 hrs Trotter was a shadow of his former self and by 1200 (of the 12th month 2012 spookily) he was declared an ex ham.
Following a short but moving ceremony the pig's leg was committed to the deep.
'Eternal Father strong to save
Please accept beneath your foaming wave
And find a place in Davy Jones' locker
For our departed Able Seaman Trotter'

The crew threw themselves into their work to help overcome the loss busying themselves with contemplative sunbathing assisted by medicinal sips of a very agreeable chilled white.
We were quickly brought back to the now by screaming reels and mike took a firm grasp of his rod [he's desperate to land a tuna]. We shared in his disappointment when he lost the fish at the point of recovery. Not once but twice. I commiserated with him by reminding him that Elle managed to land her fish and she offered to show him a couple of her tips later {at least I think that's what she said]
It's surprising how quickly news and rumour spreads on a small boat. Already I've seen grafitti in the fwd heads saying ' Mike couldn't catch a cold' and 'Mike gets fishing lessons from girls'. I'm doing my best to scotch such slurs on his prowess and have taken handwriting samples in an effort to id the perpetrator. In the meantime he's baking……. While I look for a dyslexic chimp. Where is the Dr.
24 of your lovely sea miles completed on my 3 hr watch…St Lucia here we come//yeeha

Andy ……….out

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