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Lancelot II
Owner Sailing Logic
Design Beneteau First 40
Length Overall 12 m 24 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR6840R

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Lancelot II - 9th Nov Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans   Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days– had a few sat phone /computer issues to resolve but now back up and running  - thanks Allie inthe office and Zuzana for rebuilding the comm port. Hopefully you were allfollowing our lovely yellowbrick and knew we were ok and going in the rightdirection.   This is going to be pretty short as the Captains Full log will be comingshortly...   Currently we are 13deg57’672N 057deg50’992W under poled out headsail andfull main and about 175nm from the top of St Lucia so we should finish some timetomorrow morning with a bit of luck. Our friends on Palpatine have been on onehorizon or the other since yesterday morning (they zig and zag about a bit, likeProfile on delivery trips...) and now we also have. read more...


Lancelot II - Dec 4th Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans   Hot hot hot!!! We’ve gone from moaning about the rain to thinking a cloudis a good thing for a few moments! Last night we were under the poled out headsail. Harriet from Southern Child spoke to us at 9pm, they were 6nm behind usand doing fine but they got rained on all day poor things. Palpatine popped upon the AIS about 5nm behind later on the evening and they’ve been on the horizonto the left of us ever since. They have a big red kite up so they are easy tospot!   Things we’ve learnt today- 1. Everyone kicking the little washboard on the way of the companionway isstill funny. Honestly, we’ve been on this boat for more than 10 days now, you’dthink we would have learned. 2. Tying your swim shorts to the aft guard rails after a shower is noguarantee. read more...


Lancelot II - Dec 3rd Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans   Hows everyone doing? Hope you are writing us all lots of lovely messagescos we want to hear from you – send them to [email protected] and they’llget to the boat. Thanks Sophie – we are also looking forwards to seeing in youin the bar! Thanks Peter, Kat, Robert and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lizzie!   Last night was a looooooooooooong night. We dropped the kite at dusk andwere under the No 3 and Full main for the night as we had squall cloud aftersquall cloud roll us. Cue lots of very tired and grumpy sailors and wet kiteverywhere. Good breeze though and we were bombing along, sometimes even in theright direction. David won the nights round of ‘Top Speed’ with 14.9 knots –sounded like we were exploding from my bunk inside the boat.   Anyway, now the wind. read more...


Lancelot II - 2nd Nov Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans   We are over half way! 1296nm to St Lucia for us. This morning we sawMilanto behind on the horizon briefly but I think they went more westerly.Southenr Shild are only ten miles ahead so we are working hard to try and catchthem up. Ross and Scarlet Oyster are still 180nm ahead but we have taken anotherfew miles from them over night. Profile are on a more westerly course then us sothey are nearer but not overtaking us. Currently we are at 20deg37’192N039deg14’226W and we’ve just dropped the code zero as there is squall linescoming. Catherine, Peter and Chris have had a busy afternoon trimming and so Ithink they are probably secretly quite happy its drop time. Now its dinner timeand Zuzana is doing a sterling job in the galley- every yacht should have one. read more...


Lancelot II - Dec 1st Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans   Currently at 22deg07’138N 035deg20’746W still zipping along with the S4 upand full main and 1528 nm to go to St Lucia. We overtook Milanto last night andnow Palpatine is on the horizon – good for motivating the drivers to payattention! We have a good 24 hour run overall without too much drama thankgoodness and took miles out of most of our close rivals and didn’t lose too muchto Ross and Scarlet Oyster.   The sun is out now, we sailed through a huge rainbow this morning so cuethe Dawn Photography Club Meeting. The flying fish are about too – had one inthe wheel well again and a couple which landed by the helmsmans feet, stinkythings.   The count down is now on until the next birthday on board – Chris is T-4 soget your birthday messages in  . read more...

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