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Lancelot II - Dec 4th Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans
Hot hot hot!!! We’ve gone from moaning about the rain to thinking a cloud is a good thing for a few moments! Last night we were under the poled out head sail. Harriet from Southern Child spoke to us at 9pm, they were 6nm behind us and doing fine but they got rained on all day poor things. Palpatine popped up on the AIS about 5nm behind later on the evening and they’ve been on the horizon to the left of us ever since. They have a big red kite up so they are easy to spot!
Things we’ve learnt today-
1. Everyone kicking the little washboard on the way of the companionway is still funny. Honestly, we’ve been on this boat for more than 10 days now, you’d think we would have learned.
2. Tying your swim shorts to the aft guard rails after a shower is no guarantee they’ll be there in the morning. Chris has paid the sacrifice to Neptune...
3. We have less than 1000nm to go to St Lucia woop woop. I can taste the pina coladas already. Does anyone know if the steak house is still there? The one where Ross Appleby did the ‘eat the big steak and get your meal for free’ challenge? Some time tomorrow tonight probably, we’ll be over two thirds of the way.
4. Jim has run out of his pink gingham boxers so we and Catherine well have to find something else to giggle about when he gets up in the middle of the night.
5. Our blog is being read in Torino! Peter spoke to his wife who lives there (as does he!) and she said they are all avidly reading it.
6. Jono had a shower!
Thats it from me. Keep (ie start) sending your messages to [email protected]
Love to everyone at home
L2 and crew from 18deg44’015N 044deg41’385W at 1738 on 4th Nov
PS Sorry it was late today All – had a bit on playing with the S4 in the sunshine!

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