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Lancelot II - Dec 3rd Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans
Hows everyone doing? Hope you are writing us all lots of lovely messages cos we want to hear from you – send them to [email protected] and they’ll get to the boat. Thanks Sophie – we are also looking forwards to seeing in you in the bar! Thanks Peter, Kat, Robert and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lizzie!
Last night was a looooooooooooong night. We dropped the kite at dusk and were under the No 3 and Full main for the night as we had squall cloud after squall cloud roll us. Cue lots of very tired and grumpy sailors and wet kit everywhere. Good breeze though and we were bombing along, sometimes even in the right direction. David won the nights round of ‘Top Speed’ with 14.9 knots – sounded like we were exploding from my bunk inside the boat.
Anyway, now the wind has dropped right off so we have the S4 up again but its pretty rock and rolly with the left over swell, hope that disappears before my will to live does. Today Catherine is being mummy and we are having nice and comforting Heinz Tomato Soup for lunch (I wonder if they’ll like that mention and send us a free case?)
Thats all from me, maybe one of these days I’ll manage to convince someone else to write the blog so that you can hear from someone else!
Current position 19deg23’973N 041deg33’593
Lots of love to all at home
L2 and Crew x

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