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Lancelot II - 2nd Nov Blog

Hello Lancelot II Fans
We are over half way! 1296nm to St Lucia for us. This morning we saw Milanto behind on the horizon briefly but I think they went more westerly. Southenr Shild are only ten miles ahead so we are working hard to try and catch them up. Ross and Scarlet Oyster are still 180nm ahead but we have taken another few miles from them over night. Profile are on a more westerly course then us so they are nearer but not overtaking us. Currently we are at 20deg37’192N 039deg14’226W and we’ve just dropped the code zero as there is squall lines coming. Catherine, Peter and Chris have had a busy afternoon trimming and so I think they are probably secretly quite happy its drop time. Now its dinner time and Zuzana is doing a sterling job in the galley- every yacht should have one of these.
Hot hot hot today so the silly hats are out in force to protect our noodles and the sun cream is being well used too. The after platform is now known as the shower room after a water making session. Its very distracting when I’m driving and Jim is squeaking behind me as he pours cold water over himself. I’m jealous, I may try and squeeze is a quick wash after dinner before my watch. We might try and encourage Jono as well as he’s the only one who hasn’t braved the aft platform yet.
Tell Profile that Zuzana has been healing Paul as requested. She’s a dab hand at calling up the wind as well, really every boat should have one.
Now I know you lot at home are reading these – or at least you’d better or else I’m wasting my time trying to be interesting everyone day – so hows abouts you send us a message as we miss you all – [email protected]
Love to all at home
L2 and crew xx

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