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Owner David Tipton
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479
Length Overall 14 m 43 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 4274L

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Mischief - Mischief Blog International cuisine meets Come Dine with Mischief

Despite the Indian Oceans weather systems that bring giftsof strong winds interspersed with squalls that deliver more wind, torrential rain and 7 meter waves, Mischief's crew were determined to eat well led by skipper "Dave the Belly"!Mark and Wendy also stepped up to the challenge with alacrity and tenacious determination.The boat was thrashing around, waves pouring into the cockpit but still the meals kept coming from all corners of the earth.Ads bring your pinny.Saussisson Surprise or Sausage Casserole - UK and our continental friends FrenchCroissants - FrenchBeef Masala - IndianBeef Pie and pots - BritBar-b-q - AustraliaTim Tams Sweet - AustraliaSpag Bog - ItalianIrish Stew Cabbage and Pots (Potato famine over) - IrelandGreen Tea - ChinaSpanish Omelette - Surprise SpainSlaw - US of. read more...


Mischief - Mischief Blog 1st October - Mauritus

The long and winding road.And so it is, surfing over, through and around hairpin bends that the waves of the Indian Ocean create.Relax for a minute and the little devil has thrown you into the nearest hard object that bruises your skin upon impact.Or to describe it another way Woohoo, Yeeha!!!We're roller coasting our way to Mauritius.We flew over the start line, Mischief teaming a white ensemble, matching white genoa and main, the crew awaiting patiently for their donuts which were promised after the spinnaker was raised.As we rounded the island into the Indian Ocean the conditions allowed the skipper to raise the coloured sail, adding sparkle to the outfit and surging us forward to join the lead boats.At last the long awaited donuts were ours for the taking whilst relishing in audible. read more...


Mischief - Michief Blog Cocos Keeling Islands 25th September 2018 to 1st October 2018

A tropical island paradise, white sands, coral and coconut palms surrounded by azure blue ocean and blue skies.A cliche you say, maybe, but its the only way to describe it.Sadly evidence of the global problem of plastic waste could be seen on all of the windward shores.Direction Island was to be our home for the duration of our stay, no money would be required as there was no way of spending it on Direction Island.A truly tropical island where one expected to see Man Friday around every coconut palm.Our first night here was supposed to be a private affair with Misto where we were invited to share a wahoo that they had caught earlier in the day.Sadly they mentioned the invite on channel 72 so the whole fleet heard and enthusiastically invited themselves.Under friendly pressure from the. read more...


Mischief - Mischief Blog Lombok to Christmas Island 16/9/2018 to 22/9/2018

Lombok to Christmas IslandsFirstly, I need to apologies to Lillian Tipton for the recent unreliable postings of the Mischief blog.Unfortunately the diligent Charlie Baynes has been replaced with "Nearly Neen" who sometimes is a little slow at reporting Mischief shenanigans.I will endeavor to rectify this but sometimes teaching your son to sail has to be addressed as a priority.Big seas, 25 knots of wind and a big tanker do their utmost to throw our Skipper, who had to stay in command in difficult conditions as Mabel had retreated to her nest in the hope it would all be over in the morning when the crew would serve her slices of her favourite cheeses.It's fair to say Lillian that "Yer boy done good" with the spinnaker flying, he steered the crew through the enormous waves and managed to. read more...


Mischief - Christmas Island to Cocos Keeling 23/9/2018 to 25/9/2018

As we set sail from Christmas Island, Misto waving us off, Booby Birds and Frigates could be seen squabbling for food over the cliffs of the island and the exotic Yellow Bosun bird indigenous to Christmas Island were displaying their colourful coats on our port side. We were expecting a lively passage but it has turned into a beautiful sail in perfect conditions.This meant we could deploy the fishing rods and we were as usual entertained by the "ones that got away"A huge fish this morning not only broke the 80 lb breaking strain line but nearly took the rod to the deep with him.That one better left in the sea we felt.Bit scary.The Boobies were fascinated by the fishing lures and we were worried they would take the lure.Mark took the line in until they lost interest.Flying fish have been. read more...

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