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Owner David Tipton
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479
Length Overall 14 m 43 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 4274L

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Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 38 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Wednesday, 16th May 2018 - en route to SuwarrowThe wind eased as the night progressed, dropped to below 10 knots and came around onto the beam so we had to drop the genoa off the spinnaker pole. But come daylight, just as my watch ended at 0600, Dave rigged the spinnaker to hoist so no sleep for me with him clambering all over the deck and calling instructions aft, so I gave up and went back on deck to set the sail and we are now back to 8 knots boat speed in 15 knots of wind on a course of 290 degrees. There was a medical emergency overnight on one of our fellow ARC fleet boats, Lunatix the fastest boat in the fleet. Apparently a crew member had got in the way of the mainsheet on an accidental gybe and the gybe preventer failed: head injuries and lacerations resulted, and he is lucky to. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 37 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 14th May 2018 - Off Bora Bora Yacht ClubWe had to do a generator service this morning early so was outside at 7am pumping away at an oil pump which was a real heart starter I can tell you.Today is preparations day for the re-start tomorrow so ashore at 9.30am for the Skippers briefing then along to the Gendarmerie with passports to check out of French Polynesia then into the supermarket where two trolley loads cost £600! Unfortunately, they had no tortilla wraps which we use a lot and neither did they have any eggs, would you believe which is a bit ironic given the number of chickens there are running amok around the island. The Super U market didn't have any either but they did say that more were to be delivered one hour after we leave for Suwarrow. But the shop did have a. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 36 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Saturday 12th May 2018 - Back to Bora BoraWoke at 0220 as I suddenly had a thought that I hadn't tied the dinghy on properly, then of course you have to get up to check. At last it had stopped raining and the wind had dropped considerably but it had left the dinghy literally half full of water - probably the equivalent of 6 inches of rain in a few hours. We were up again at 0700 and by 0715 we had the anchor up and were heading for the lagoon exit in 10 knots of wind from the NE, a favourable direction for this channel but even so there were quite large waves hitting us when we went through the narrow gap in the surf. The huge breaking surf waves 15m either side of us only go to demonstrate why this exit is impassable in a wind over tide situation. Even today one incoming wave put us. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 35 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Thursday 10th May 2018 - MaupitiWe were up at 0600 to see Jean off, the Pamplemouse Queen. Who will slice up the pamplemouse now of a morning? One thing is for certain, my buttocks are aching this morning after yesterday's exertions!By 0700 we were heading out towards the exit channel and westwards towards Maupiti, the most west of the Society islands and reportedly the prettiest, with its various shades of blue waters and the fact that it is home to a Manta Ray breeding area, and extensive coral gardens. It was still raining, or in-between rain showers and what wind there was was on the nose so we motored the whole 30 miles. The entrance channel to Maupiti is both narrow and shallow but well marked. There were large breaking surf waves on either side as we tentatively made our way. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 34 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Tuesday 8th May - Bora BoraAfter a wet and windy night, we upped anchor at 0715. The chain was laid across two or three coral bommies and we knew the way the chain snatched when we initially dropped anchor it was caught on something solid, and so it was. But our windlass is strong enough to break the anchor out of the coral heads and as each cracked as it gave way which was a shame, but this is a recognized anchorage spot. Mad Monkey the other day burnt his windlass out in the same location - expensive!As I said, it has been raining most of the night but this morning I was greeted by a bright rainbow over the Coral Gardens, and the wind had abated somewhat, in fact it had all but gone and we sailed off to the lagoon exit 2 miles south before heading off north west again towards Bora. read more...

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