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Owner Windward Sailing
Design Carroll Marine 60
Length Overall 18 m 33 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number USA60006

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Venomous - Update

Venomous Ships Blog - Friday 5.47 GMTPosition: Below Deck (14 40' 585 N - 055 17'.842 W)Weather: Cloudy - Occasional sunshine - VERY Humid.Windspeed: 15ktRace Position: TBC Catching the pack.Venomous is now on the home straight with 32 hrs or so hrs to go. Based on the fact that we departed 24 hrs after the few professionally crewed leader boats in front, being a short distance behind and catching - the Venomous crew are upbeat, in race mode and gradually moving up the leader board. Yesterday we completed 12 sail changes, with Lawrence and Spike directing some awesome peeling on the foredeck. (Obviously this is a biased view as Lawence is writing this blog! In fact when dawn broke it became very obvious that Lawrence and Spike were awesome at maypole dancing!! - San) We also hit the. read more...


Venomous - Update

6th December 2012.Venemous At SeaDuring the past 24 hours we witnessed a spectacular sunset with the horizon displaying many shades of red with lovely reflection off the clouds. It was a sight to behold. However not long after we were becalmed for over 10 hours. While the vessel rolled, we had a lovely star light with Jupiter, Orion's Belt and Sirius as well a almost full moon lighting up the sky. The downside was it was like an oven below decks as there was no movement of air through the boat .We were all delighted when a bit of wind eventually returned followed shortly afterwards by a downpour of warm rain which was treat and very refreshing. The lads on watch were even able to have a quick shower!!As the winds were very variable we had fewer sail changes during the day but spent a lot. read more...


Venomous - Daily Log

View from the back of the ship!Having spent the past week driving it like we stole it, we have found our way to the computer and thought we might as well put pen to paper! We have been nicknamed the meerkats as all we have been doing is sticking our heads outside and then running to the back of the boat. We have been fed very well and lots of tea, we have even been told off for being in the galley (brilliant!). As well as driving we have been doing lots of splicing keeping the halyards all working. As for the sailing I think we are doing ok and pulling through to the front of the fleet but the next few days will tell the tail if being the furthest South will pay off and of course having an extra night in the dock not getting beaten up.Right got to go as we can hear the skipper. read more...


Venomous - update

4th December 2012Venomous at Sea: We are currently 16 09.575N 42 54.89W heading 261 degrees with 16 knots of wind speed making about 10 knots towards St Lucia.It's been a funny old day, I awake this morning to the sound of sails flapping and as any good sailor knows a flappy sail is not a happy sail and this also went for the crew as becalment was a first for many of them. It was decided that pancakes would cheer us up and so to the galley to make them. It as a good job we were becalmed as making pancakes for 18 on any thing other than a flat boat would have been impossible, Unfortunately I could not find the lemons and I know that no maple syrup is on board so we improvised with apricot jam and I must say it was very good. Whilst eating the pancakes we were joined by a pod of whales,. read more...


Venomous - 2 December

2 Dec 2012 Venomous Ships BlogPosition: Over half way).Weather: A little Wild at times - Warm, occasional squalls.Windspeed15 - 32 plus / Temperature 24.3c - much hotter sitting here below deck.Race Position: dog catching up (17 39'.780 N - 038 42'.50' W)Top Speed: 20.5 Knots (watch this space)12 noon: Since leaving Las Palmas the deck of Venomous has been lit by the moon. Rising in the east and dropping in the west, it made the perfect natural guide last night towards SL. The crew are made up into 3 watches - 4 hours on, 4 hours off, with most crew on deck during Spinnaker peels (one up, one down). The evenings can be long, but somehow the evening sky can be quite comforting when the stories and laughter dry a little.The further west we head, the later each sunrise seems to be. This is. read more...

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