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Venomous - 2 December

2 Dec 2012
Venomous Ships Blog

Position: Over half way).
Weather: A little Wild at times - Warm, occasional squalls.
Windspeed15 - 32 plus / Temperature 24.3c - much hotter sitting here below deck.
Race Position: dog catching up (17 39'.780 N - 038 42'.50' W)
Top Speed: 20.5 Knots (watch this space)

12 noon: Since leaving Las Palmas the deck of Venomous has been lit by the moon. Rising in the east and dropping in the west, it made the perfect natural guide last night towards SL. The crew are made up into 3 watches - 4 hours on, 4 hours off, with most crew on deck during Spinnaker peels (one up, one down). The evenings can be long, but somehow the evening sky can be quite comforting when the stories and laughter dry a little.
The further west we head, the later each sunrise seems to be. This is obviously due to our GM T boat time being out of sync with the world around us. Today our clocks will go forward by 3 hours.

We are still chasing the trade winds. I guess like all weather patterns, they will find us first.
A Whale was spotted yesterday off our starboard side. With 3,000 meters of water below our keel it sure does it sure does give you a mid Atlantic reality check.

Venomous vs crw L.
On a lighter note, the crew of Venomous will today hold a kangaroo court. It is 'alleged' that one crew member (the defendant) took another crew members bunk by false assertion - claiming all sleeping crew were to move portside as the boat heeled and duly took a starboard now empty bunk for himself. Without sounding biased, I do feel a right of appeal may be lodged as the word guilty can heard whispered throughout the boat resulting in an unfair trial. I will also ask for 24 other offences to taken into consideration when sentencing.

It's a laundry day today. The quickest easiest way is to wear your dirty laundry during a squall. Spike's rusty knife was lost to Davy Jones locker by Rob Meercat's sun hat, Lawrence's watch and spikes cap were also lost to the sea.

Have a nice day)
Venomous Crew.

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