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Venomous - update

4th December 2012
Venomous at Sea: We are currently 16 09.575N 42 54.89W heading 261 degrees with 16 knots of wind speed making about 10 knots towards St Lucia.

It's been a funny old day, I awake this morning to the sound of sails flapping and as any good sailor knows a flappy sail is not a happy sail and this also went for the crew as becalment was a first for many of them. It was decided that pancakes would cheer us up and so to the galley to make them. It as a good job we were becalmed as making pancakes for 18 on any thing other than a flat boat would have been impossible, Unfortunately I could not find the lemons and I know that no maple syrup is on board so we improvised with apricot jam and I must say it was very good.

Whilst eating the pancakes we were joined by a pod of whales, not the David Attenborough style ones and not little minkie ones but they were about 8 metres long and were playing around us so gracefully. Mid morning the wind started to fill in and so we put up a lightweight kite which we have had up all day and is still up now doing good work.

It has at last been hot today with crew happy to sit to leeward in the shade or relative shade. To give you an idea I am writing this at half past midnight and it is 32 degrees below decks, there is a movement by some of the crew to go all out naked, as the only female on board you would think I may quite like this but please let me assure you that I am not sure I would like it at all. A crew member whose name I have cunningly disguised as an anagram - aJck - tried last night during a rain shower but thankfully no one followed suit, his argument being that as it was only a shower why get yet another set of clothes wet when your skin is 100% waterproof and dries pretty quickly.

The treat of the day was a box of Shiraz with supper which was according to Robin was a Vintage Box indeed! As I do not like red wine much my treat as I write this is a cappuccino. Dinner tonight was for starter Portuguese sardine paste on toast followed by chicken and ham pasta with a cheese and onion sauce, unfortunately the sauce fell over the back of the hob and so was substituted with sweetcorn, which I thought was a very random substitution but hey ho, pudding was a couple of bags of Tangfastics.

Mark has made some Iced Tea today and we are not allowed to drink it until tomorrow which everyone is looking forward to as we do seem to be a boat of tea drinkers we have already got through over 800 tea bags! Mark did clear out Marks and Sparks at the airport so we are not in short supply!

All are well and happy and now dry on board

Team Venomous

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