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Peter von Seestermühe
Owner Christoph Von Reibnitz
Design Henry Gruber
Length Overall(m) 17m 98 cm
Flag GER
Sail Number GER 77

This 17.98m yacht has quite a pedigree; built in 1936 in the Baltic port of Danzig to a design by Henri Gruber, as an ocean-racer. She was initially called “Peter von Danzig”, and was for a many years the flagship of Kiel’s Academic Sailing Association, providing the first taste of sailing for nearly one thousand students and crossing the Atlantic 20 times, as well as sailing around Cape Horn and participating in the very first Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973-1974. In 1991 Christoph von Reibnitz purchased the yacht and completely refitted her, but without changing the yacht’s character, though nowadays “Peter von Seestermühe” carries, a GPS, radar and an SSB radio, developments unheard of on yachts during most of her career. On deck Christoph hasn’t changed very much so that it is still rather hard work to sail the boat properly, compared to modern push-button sailing. The yacht is always steered by hand and seamanship is the motto onboard this old lady.

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Peter von Seestermühe - Finale

Drei Tagelang haben verschiedene Spezialisten vergeblich versucht unsere email anlage wieder zum Laufen zu kriegen. Obwohl wir alle komponenten an Bord ausgetauscht haben, konnte auch auf dem Iridium server kein Fehler lokalisiert werden. So stachen wir also als freie Menschen in See. Mit derart beschränkten Wetterinformationen entschieden wir uns anfangs für eine etwas südlichere Route als den empfohlenen direkten Grosskreiskurs. Wir wollten dem Tief welches von NO zu den Kanaren ziehen sollte so schnell wie möglich davonsegeln. Nach einigen Tagen nahmen wir dann den direkten Kurs, die Bordroutine hatte sich nach anfänglichem Staunen bereits am dritten Tag wunderbar eingespielt. Es folgten nun tage mit wenig Segelmanövern und viel frisch gefangenem Fisch bei gutem Vorankommen. Ohne die. read more...


Peter von Seestermühe - Men Do Have Showers on Board

We are very, very lucky with our male crew members. In the morning they serve breakfast in perfect style with a smile on their faces and are already discussing what they will serve for dinner.Even better they have caught fresh fish every day. For us romance seeking girls, the trip offers tropical nights with flying spinnaker and speeds of 8 knots plus in the moonshine.Unfortunately there are only 1000 miles to go.Elke, Petra & CordulaMessaged relayed via s/y Juno on SSB radio. read more...


Peter von Seestermühe - Bergfest

The first half of our journey is sailed and we are all having a wonderful time and feeling well, as is Peter. She is a fantastic ship and is sailing an average of 8 knots. Very good galley, always fresh fish served on the wake with up to 12 knots. And last but not least the daily shower over the decks is a highlight.Tonight we will celebrate our Bergfest. One for all and all for one, St Lucia we are coming.Best wishesJuergen. read more...


Peter von Seestermühe - Blog 28/11

Peter vS email still not working, so blog is relayed via Juno.Caught first fish for dinner tonight. Peter thunders along nicely. Big smile on everybody's face on board.Greetings from the Peter crew.. read more...


Peter von Seestermühe - comms explained

SSB radio message from Juno relaying a message from Peter von Seestermühe.  "All is well on board Peter and everyone is happy, however our email is not working, so we cannot send blogs".. read more...

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