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La Boheme
Owner Anna & Greg Haremza
Design Amel Super Maramu 2000
Length Overall 16 m
Flag Australia
Sail Number

For Anna and Gregory Haremza ARC 2012 will be their third event with World Cruising Club, having taken part in the second half of World ARC and ARC Europe 2009.

Leaving busy careers in photography and advertising behind in Sydney the couple told that they wanted to radically change their life and plan to spend several years sailing around the world. The 16m ketch was built in France in 2003 and is the couple's fifth yacht. "We purchased her in Auckland in June 2007 and Gregory with two friends sailed her from Auckland to Sydney in winds up to 70 knots during the same time when Pasha Bulker went aground," said Anna.

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La Boheme - Day 10 at sea - We caught the mighty Marlin

The night of the 5/6 December was a show of light. We had a Low to the North of us around 200 miles and we could see the lightning everywhere. At some stage, we packed all our electronic devices in alu foil and place them in our oven. Fortunately for us, we did not hear any thunder and therefore assumed the center was far from us. We were surrounded by squalls, the wind changing from 20 kn to 42kn and this lasted all night. By morning, we started to come out of the Low system and we could see the blue sky in front of us. Behind us and to the North, the clouds were dark, forbidding, and you could see the streaks of rain under. Ahead of us was a day with light winds.At 4pm we started the engine and decided to start fishing, there was no wind. At 7pm just as we were eating our dinner, the. read more...


La Boheme - Log Day 8 = Half way

Last night we passed an invisible half way line, 1350 miles to Las Palmas or Saint Lucia, middle of Atlantic and no yacht to be seen. To celebrate the half way event, I baked a cake, but to my horror in these rolling seas the cake, after an hour in the oven, was baked only at the edges, the middle was liquid scrambled eggs tasting like cake. We ate the baked edge and washed it with a glass of Spanish champagne. As the seas are quite rolly, cooking is closer to an acrobatic exercise rather than culinary skill. Of course we shared the champagne with the Neptun. We are doing well, around 180 miles per day since Las Palmas. At the time of writing we still have 1250 miles to go.Anna for La Boheme team. read more...


La Boheme - Log - Day 5 - We caught mahi mahi and tuna!

Only 1995 miles to go. Yesterday, after first losing one mahi mahi because we did not slow down, we were successful in getting another one. It was like this, the fishing line was dragging behind all day and nothing was happening, Greg decided to try our Mizzen ballooner and only just 2 minutes after hoisting it bzzz... we caught the fish. All hands on deck, the ballooner down, genoa furled the yacht slowed down to 2 kn and at the end of the line there was a 82cm mahi mahi.The seas are a bit rolly and it was not comfortable at night but today, the consensus was to fish again, this time we caught a big and beautiful tuna. Our lunch was mahi mahi and a piece of tuna, the rest went into deep freezer for later. The weather is getting warmer and all in fine on board of La Boheme.La Boheme Team. read more...


La Boheme - Log Day 1 and 2

We had a great start, thanks to Tom, we were one of the first yachts to cross the starting line. Around the Las Palmas airport the wind increased in gusts to 50 knots. Our first night at sea was far from being comfortable as the sea was choppy and confused with around 6 m waves. The wind stayed up to 50 knots all night. In the morning we saw one yacht blowing her spinnaker only meters from us.We have left the Canary Islands behind. We have done 190 miles in the first 24 hours and we still have 2500 to go. The night was illuminated by the full moon and sailing was unforgettable.La Boheme Team. read more...


La Boheme - It is not so bad in water

-- Anna and Gregory HaremzaLa 006105_DSC8542w.

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