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La Boheme - Day 10 at sea - We caught the mighty Marlin

The night of the 5/6 December was a show of light. We had a Low to the North of us around 200 miles and we could see the lightning everywhere. At some stage, we packed all our electronic devices in alu foil and place them in our oven. Fortunately for us, we did not hear any thunder and therefore assumed the center was far from us. We were surrounded by squalls, the wind changing from 20 kn to 42kn and this lasted all night. By morning, we started to come out of the Low system and we could see the blue sky in front of us. Behind us and to the North, the clouds were dark, forbidding, and you could see the streaks of rain under. Ahead of us was a day with light winds.

At 4pm we started the engine and decided to start fishing, there was no wind. At 7pm just as we were eating our dinner, the reel went crazy. We had something big! Was it a shark? The fish jumped out of water and to our amazement we saw Marlin. Greg and Tom jumped to the fishing rod. Marlin started circling, we followed this dance and circled behind. We made full 7 circles, this lasted 1.5 hrs, it was getting dark. Finally after an hour and a half, we got the 1.7m Marlin. Our deep freezer is full, no more fishing and the wind is picking up again.

Anna for La Boheme

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