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La Boheme - Log Day 8 = Half way

Last night we passed an invisible half way line, 1350 miles to Las Palmas or Saint Lucia, middle of Atlantic and no yacht to be seen. To celebrate the half way event, I baked a cake, but to my horror in these rolling seas the cake, after an hour in the oven, was baked only at the edges, the middle was liquid scrambled eggs tasting like cake. We ate the baked edge and washed it with a glass of Spanish champagne. As the seas are quite rolly, cooking is closer to an acrobatic exercise rather than culinary skill. Of course we shared the champagne with the Neptun. We are doing well, around 180 miles per day since Las Palmas.
At the time of writing we still have 1250 miles to go.
Anna for La Boheme team

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