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Amandla Kulu
Owner Sailing GB
Design Hanse 505
Length Overall 15 m 30 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Amandla Kulu - Happy Birthday My Darling Sabine

What a wonderful Day… a great day to celebrate a Special Birthday greeting to my wife from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!`My Darling Sabine was not expecting to hear from me until safe arrival at St. Lucia. She was provided with the website where she could track the course of our very special yacht Amandla Kulu which she has done twice each day since our departure.Thanks to the generosity of our Skipper (Adam) I was able to contact her on this special day to call her direct on the ships Satellite Phone!!And contact her I did in the middle of her food shopping at the local grocery store…. What an image.. me sitting at the Nav Station thousands of miles away and her unaware that the call coming in was from her very loving husband at sea… Tears of joy from both of us will ensure that. read more...


Amandla Kulu - D6_ Hot ... Dam Hot

Captain’s Log. Star Date 26 Nov. Day 6. Seventh day on the water.1123 GMT.1123 Local.20º 56 N029ª 03 W  ///amending.zesty.videotapes It is getting toasty.  Had a wonderful lifting of spirits earlier as John sprung a surprise for Sabine on her birthday. Terry and I captured some great footage that will be a great part of the movie we are creating of this epic adventure.  As I write, Jules is on stitching detail and Tom is assisting Will who discovered a fridge milk explosion. Terry’s Tears is a super rehydration drink we’ve adapted from the WHO — this is even better chilled and part of the casualty of the fridge clean.  We’re getting some southing in today to pick-up some more favourable breeze. read more...


Amandla Kulu - #rWEthereYET || #boatsRD

ARC 2022November 24, 2022As we put the sea behind us and move forward towards our goal of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean I write this blog with an abundance of emotions. As a friend once said, ocean crossings, “ the highs are highestand the lows are the lowest(Fred P).”Not sure how many of these blogs I will be able to write so I do not want to write about the lows, rather I want to talk about the highs.Actually just one topic. I have quickly realized that this trip is not about sailing, it is about PEOPLE . Our 9 person crew have come together from the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada and The United States of America. We support each other and we have quickly grown to become a temporary family that has and will create memories that will last a lifetime. We are doing our best and moral. read more...


Amandla Kulu - D5_ Sh*te, no kite!

Captain’s Log. Star Date 25Nov. Day 5. Fifth day on the water.2252 GMT.2252 Local.21º 05 N027º 46 W  ///curveballs.bearers.breakup  Ever to the land of the setting sun.  It’s all becoming rather interesting.  As the crew gain strength and confidence, the whole vessel begins to resonate. Each of us coming to serve Neptune and his mistress, Amandla Kulu. I write a Jen goes on deck to grab some air. Tiger Terry is on the stitching detail, all is shaping up really well with our fix.  Louisa spotting John on the wheel, she’s calling wind, wave and water — whilst John is driving instruments only.  We passed through a whole bundle of well lit UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects) which. read more...


Amandla Kulu - D4_ From Zero to Hero (Part II)

Captain’s Log. Star Date 24Nov. Day 4. Fourth day on the water.2320 GMT.2320 Local.21º 10 N024º 51 W ///bunching.pucks.arming  You’ll be reading about a collective sigh of ‘ahh’ cross fleet blogs today.  Breeze dropped a little at first light, sea state settled and the sun was warm.  We were able to get some air flowing through The Good Ship Amandla Kulu as the temperature rose.  Immediately after first light, we hoisted our Code Zero (big flappy sail thing that goes at the very front) which was great for morale. After a few days of [necessary] neglect a solid few hours was spent on a deep clean and getting things clean, tidy and ship shape. Some chopping of vegetables and a tasty fresh lunch. read more...

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