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Amandla Kulu - D25ish_ ALF Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

Captain’s Log. Star Date 14 Dec.

Day 25. ALF_ All Lines Fast

1921 GMT.
1521 Local.

14º 04 N
060º 57 W


We did it!

We are one. We are crew.

25 days, 3391 nautical miles later we made it.

The last 24 hours at sea were particularly stressful. The last miles taking an age to click down. Breeze very light and needing to make every zephyr of breeze count.

Will stepped up and trimmed the kite for the final push — incredible job, well done.

It was a challenge making it to the finish line, the point of sail (angle of wind relative to the boat) was significantly higher and we needed to drop our 0.5 kite and replace it with the Code Zero. There were a few gremlins in the system and the finish photos show us nearly dropping the zero over the side. It is not so much about if a mistake happens, as much as it is about how well we bounce back and recover. The team did an incredible job.

Of all the boats that finished, we are one of only about 5 that sailed the whole way. Zero engine hours.

It is easy in challenging and windy conditions. You just get on with it. When it is light airs, there is time for doubt and question to creep into the mind. It has been great meeting some of the other crews and hearing their stories. Really great.

Last couple of days have been filled with a whole load of sleeping and recovery.

I’d love for you come join for our next sailing adventure. Drop me a note.,

Thank you for following us. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your lovely messages.

For the final time on this adventure …

Fair breeze, god speed and following seas


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