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Amandla Kulu - D21_ Trade or Not to Trade ... that is the question

Captain’s Log. Star Date 11 Dec.

Day 21. Twenty-second day on the water.

2239 GMT.
2039 Local.

13º 52 N
058º 55 W


A day starting with breeze from the right direction, building the right way.

Ending with a little less than nothing.

We’re waiting on Trade Winds.

At one point today, we were charging along with a calculation on arrival being tomorrow just after noon. Currently, we are easing through the water at a sedate knot and a little. Over the ground, we’re 2.8 knots straight down the line towards St Lucia.

Spoke to a couple of really great yachts. Fryderyk & Action Penguin. Mark and gang on Fryderyk were in dire straights having run out of beer, wine and spirits. There was talk of setting the Captain adrift in a manner not dissimilar to Mr. Christian and Captain Bligh. All things considered they were in great spirits.

I spoke to Action Penguin (AP) earlier. They describe themselves as two geriatrics and a nearly geriatric. After a the last three weeks of challenge they are from from ‘old’ — though, that said, everyone will feel as is they’ve aged a thousand years. We compared weather notes (no outside assistance rule in ARC) and are seeing the same thing. The wind will slowly build over the next 36 hours to full and normal trade operation.

They’ve also got two blocked heads (special marine toilets on boats) which will mean some cunning use of corks and knots until they either a) unblock them or b) make it to Rodney Bay or c) …

AP use the same providers as we do. LuckGrib and Mailasail. Both Craig and Ed (respectively) are excellent and have been utterly supportive throughout — for both us onboard Amandla Kulu, AP and I guess everyone else they service.

Note of thanks to Howard of Lilli Mae and, Simon and Penny of Starry Knight who both shared notes of support and warmth with us today.

Throughout the night and into tomorrow, we [should] have a steady breeze building and start coasting along at a good speed.

The mood is really good onboard and has been all day. The light airs experienced this afternoon were all taken in stride. As the breeze dropped completely, the team dropped the Zero. Readying for arrival in coastal waters, Tom led operations to place the anchor back on the bow roller. He and Terry did a great job.

This evening Will led dinner operations with a carbonara creation that was positively delicious. Jules helped and is now brushing here teeth. Louisa is on the helm with Peter telling his jokes again and Tom is having issues comprehending that the Sun is not 24 light years away. Terry, John and resting and soon to be up again for the witching hour. Jen is being positively wonderful and sharing great vibes.

Fair breeze, god speed and following seas.

Pip Pip


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