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Owner Sail Racing Academy
Design Beneteau First 40.7
Length Overall 12 m 17 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1321L

Hull Number FR-BEY82734J708

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Escapado - 8-9th November

8 dec Happy birthday to kat! It’s been a steady day with lots of birthday cake, chocolate and lollipops. While we had two spinnaker disasters we recovered quickly from both events. First time was the spinnaker haliyad slipped of the winch self-talor. As we were sat on deck early morning all of a sudden a wizzing sound started, it took a few moments to realise what was happening however we managed to get the spinnaker down safely with no problems. Our next disaster happened at sunset, almost blinded by the sun the spinnaker began to wrap around the forstay, it was too late to retrieve so again we got the kite down quickly and another one up straight away! Food is still rationed, our creativity is been challenged as we work out different combinations of tinned meals, a big shout out to kat. read more...


Escapado - 5th December

Happy birthday to Sophie! We woke up to a suspicious Kat mashing black beans in the gally, while we were still waking up we didn’t question it until the chocolate and honey emerged on the table... vegan brownies and flapjack for birthday cake. We held off telling Charlie the ingredients until he had eaten everything, his notorious picky eating habits had been overcome with chocolate and sugar! We may sneak some vegetables in next time... hot weather and light winds made a slightly frustrating sailing day but again time to hang out and socialise... not quite the racing we had imagined. We had a play with the sextant in the afternoon, bringing the red sun down to the horizon was a challenge but most of us got there!. read more...


Escapado - 4th December

A day of light winds, giving us all time to re energise and refresh despite still being in a race. A rotation of bucket showers on the bow followed by a washing system with salt water has given us all time to catch up on personal grooming . However as the day progressed the crews frustration increased as winds continued to decrease. With predicted winds coming, we’re all still hopeful to continue chipping off the miles. I wish I could slide in numerous hilarious stories but the laughs today have only been the classic walking into the boom, a game of uno or Jakes constant chatter/sing songs which perks us all up. Kat cooked an amazing meal of veggie and meat food fuelling us through yet another graveyard shift made better by the the trips clearest night sky,with the moon behind the clouds. read more...


Escapado - 3rd December

A full day, time to dry out, reorganise the wet mess below deck and celebrate the ‘less than 1000 miles to go’ point. We had Tom up the mast again to retrieve a halyard while Charlie and myself used the drone in the light winds, unfortunately having no SD card meant we didn’t get any clear footage however a screen recording still captures the moment. A whale and a pod of dolphins followed us for a while however with winds picking up the spinnaker had to come down and we lost sight of the whale, it was an exciting moment on deck for everyone!. read more...


Escapado - 2nd December

Our wettest day yet: hoods up, salopettes on and a lot of chocolate to get us through the shifts, we embraced the wet weather. In fact myself, Tom and Ed completed our second bucket shower assisted by Charlie‘s constant supply of buckets of sea water and Donato’s smooth helming - we freshened up well mid storm!As the evening shifts started, crew watch out bought the squals with them.Lightning surrounded us at one point, phones went in the oven and we hove to, sitting out the storm below deck. The watches were intense however it was some of the best and most exciting helming of the trip!. read more...

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