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Escapado - Blog day 17 - We tried all kind of wind dances

Day 17 at Escapado.

Last few days in Atlantic were very calm. The weather would have been perfect to be at the beach bar with the ice cold refreshments next to you. However when you are in overcrowded sauna boat without change to shower in the middle of the Atlantic, the experience it’s bit different :).

For few days we tried all kind of wind dances and magic in order to get favorable trade wind behind us. Unfortunately, the ruler of the weather misunderstood our needs and yesterday instead of favorable wind we were in the middle of pouring rain. It’s really was raining cats and dogs and old grannies etc. or like we say in Finland, Esterin perseestä.

Since every bullet comes with silver lining, we quickly realized that the rain could be the solution for the lack of water. So three water “musketeers” Beth, Ralph and myself started to catch the water, to a frying pan, a kettle and a bucket and the rest of the crew created a water bottling station. The team work was incredible effective and in about 30 minutes we managed to collect about 70 liters water. So for time being water problem : solved. Complementary tea or coffee anyone ?

In past twelve hours the winds has been favorable for us. The average speed is around 7 miles and route is directly towards St. Lucia. We are hoping to start riparian entertainment during Friday ( preferably before the Netherlands Argentina football match )if the winds stays favorable for us.

Rain catch

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