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Escapado - Life onboard Escapado from our 19 year old Birthday Girl

Having just gybed and set on our new course south west, our next watch team fuelled up with bacon, eggs, and plenty of suncream to prepare for the day ahead. Jan’s seemingly never ending bank of knowledge amazed me once again as he patiently explained mobius strips - “why did the chicken cross the möbius strip? to get to the same side” - said our skipper Germaine. The day continued at its typical breezy yet still fairly leisurely pace that I have come to get used to. Filling the day with odd jobs around the boat such as tightening the steering in the transom with Germaine (which doubles very nicely for an afternoon snack and natter) or doing stock checks (all is good… for now!). The culinary expertise on Escapdo continued to impress with veg biriyani for dinner combined with another mind blowing sunset peeking around the spinnaker, the golden rays setting our course into the night. I think the time at sea has made me more poetic.

India -age 19 and 0 days.

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