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North Star - USA
Owner Ted Rice
Design Shannon Pilothouse 38
Length Overall 43 feet
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 82

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North Star - USA - Log Day 6 - Moving Out

Everything going OK.NE winds 15-18 kts steady although seas a bit bouncy last night.Henry noted that the water jug actually jumped out of the sinkand went airborne across the galley.The cabin sole is now very clean!No one really slept very well but we managed. We are doing well with voice communications with Chris Parker for weather.He is in Florida and we hear and talk with him clear as a bell.We are also doing well with power management and able to get the battery drain down to 4.8 amps. The new alternator packs a wallop charging at almost 100 amps initially which minimizes the time we need to run the engine. Since we have almost full water tanks, we aren't making water although we have the capability.If I can get the water-powered generator working we can be energy neutral...a big. read more...


North Star - USA - Log Day 5 - Smoke Signals

It's not too busy out here, running around looking for wind " all the wrong places." A few years ago there was a Native American movie called "Smoke Signals".The scene is the local radio announcer says, "And now a traffic report from Joe out on Highway 101."The scene cuts to Joe sitting on the roof of a house trailer, "Joe, out on Highway 101 with your rush hour traffic report.A truck passed here about three hours ago,Back to you, Bob."Like Joe we saw a sail to the south east late in the afternoon, when we called there was no response.That is about it for our "traffic" report.My stepson Matt and I were discussing going sailing sometime when we are Stateside. He asked me what do you do to pass the time. If you have never had the opportunity to sail offshore, it is difficult to. read more...


North Star - USA - Log Day 4 - Please send wind

As with most boats at sea, mealtimes are the highlight of the day. This is true aboard North Star. Today was Thanksgiving, which we celebrated appropriately with a grand turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We had to make a couple of substitutions since we didn't have any turkey. With grand meals which involve multiple cooks and a galley big enough for only one, the meal preparation is somewhat of a dance. At the right moment one cook steps aside and the other takes over, like a symphony everything builds to the finale with a crescendo as the meal is served. Rick and Henry's performance was brilliant! The "turkey" dinner was perfect!Just as we sat down to dine we were visited by a huge pod of dolphins. They always are welcome but seem to appear only when you least expect them and by the. read more...


North Star - USA - Log Day 3 - Even Slower

Today we were cruising along at 5 kts and thought it was slow.A few minutes ago we marked our speed at 0.5 kts and now we are back up to warp speed. The sunset was incredibly beautiful, color that takes your breath away, with the little wisps of clouds along the horizon, and the sleepy sun saying good night, just as a 903 foot tanker comes over the horizon in our direction -- her name, Nordic Skier, no problem the watch officer has North Star in sight.Eggplant Rollatini with Carolyn's famous meatballs was our dinner this evening. Rick changed his title as non-galley slave -- galley meister, his new title, and, probably more importantly, we established a cooking schedule so he doesn't cook for the entire trip.We decided that the slow going was necessary to give us enough time to eat all. read more...


North Star - USA - Log Day 2 - Slowing Down

The winds for us have been OK and we have been making 4-6 kts about 150 nm off the African coast heading to a point NW of Cape Verdes.As of now we have covered about 300 miles.We will turn west as soon as the winds are sure, which will be later in the week (we hope!).We enjoyed the noontime HF network and hearing about what the people were doing while becalmed.Fishing seems a great topic.We missed a chance to buy some fishing gear -- Rick was proud of the big Lasagne fish we caught fishing in th freeze box -- that's where they hide under the hotdogs.WE had that for dinner last night and that was good enough -- in fact, delicious.The net controller chuckled a little at Rick's report of our "fishing" luck.Life aboard is consistently busy. When not on watch or sleeping, there is plenty to. read more...

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