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North Star - USA - Log Day 4 - Please send wind

As with most boats at sea, mealtimes are the highlight of the day. This is true aboard North Star. Today was Thanksgiving, which we celebrated appropriately with a grand turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We had to make a couple of substitutions since we didn't have any turkey. With grand meals which involve multiple cooks and a galley big enough for only one, the meal preparation is somewhat of a dance. At the right moment one cook steps aside and the other takes over, like a symphony everything builds to the finale with a crescendo as the meal is served. Rick and Henry's performance was brilliant! The "turkey" dinner was perfect!

Just as we sat down to dine we were visited by a huge pod of dolphins. They always are welcome but seem to appear only when you least expect them and by the time you've found your camera, they are gone. Today we looked out and saw them for only a moment, then they had disappeared, I guess they went off in search of their own dinner.

The past couple of days we have been searching for wind. Some of the weather forecasts paint a rosy picture with plenty of wind. For the last couple of days we've found ourselves languishing in what must be the center of a "no wind allowed" zone. Two boats passed astern of us going south this afternoon. We wish them luck!

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