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North Star - USA - Log Day 3 - Even Slower

Today we were cruising along at 5 kts and thought it was slow. A few minutes ago we marked our speed at 0.5 kts and now we are back up to warp speed. The sunset was incredibly beautiful, color that takes your breath away, with the little wisps of clouds along the horizon, and the sleepy sun saying good night, just as a 903 foot tanker comes over the horizon in our direction -- her name, Nordic Skier, no problem the watch officer has North Star in sight.

Eggplant Rollatini with Carolyn's famous meatballs was our dinner this evening. Rick changed his title as non-galley slave -- galley meister, his new title, and, probably more importantly, we established a cooking schedule so he doesn't cook for the entire trip. We decided that the slow going was necessary to give us enough time to eat all our food, or at least most of it.

Thanksgiving is a traditional American holiday, with roasted turkey and more side dishes than one can name. We didn't plan everything perfectly so we decided to have pumpkin soup, steak, carrots and potatoes -- yes, a hearty meal but not the same as turkey. This is all well and good -- the real challenge is that our freeze box is deeper than a man's reach and packed solidly -- and food is not necessarily in order. We will survive!

Pray for wind!

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