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North Star - USA - Log Day 5 - Smoke Signals

It's not too busy out here, running around looking for wind " all the wrong places." A few years ago there was a Native American movie called "Smoke Signals". The scene is the local radio announcer says, "And now a traffic report from Joe out on Highway 101." The scene cuts to Joe sitting on the roof of a house trailer, "Joe, out on Highway 101 with your rush hour traffic report. A truck passed here about three hours ago, Back to you, Bob." Like Joe we saw a sail to the south east late in the afternoon, when we called there was no response. That is about it for our "traffic" report.

My stepson Matt and I were discussing going sailing sometime when we are Stateside. He asked me what do you do to pass the time. If you have never had the opportunity to sail offshore, it is difficult to imagine being cooped up on a 38 foot boat with two other guys for three or more weeks. A comment like, "Well. I think I'll go for a walk" is met with two simultaneous volleys of "Don't go farther than 38 feet." I am looking forward to taking Matt offshore and showing him all the things we do or have to do on a daily basis.

Back to you, Bob

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