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Kiloran of Edinburgh
Owner Cameron Stewart
Design Discovery 55
Length Overall 16 m 70 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR5546L

Discovery 55, never sailed before but game on to learn as we go.

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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Final Blog

The FlogAs we surf the waves at 14 degrees N & 60 degree West, 7 hours 22 minutes from Rodney Bay, St Lucia, we contemplate a cooked breakfast over early earl grey teas and reflect upon our Great Expectations.Though our Mag currently points us towards Martinique, we are each looking forward to landing on St Lucian land, desperate to look up our trailing list of uncompleted arguments on Google. Do albatross really live for 75 years? Is fishes the plural of fish? What is the right gelatine:cream ratio for panacotta? What appointment did Derry Irvine hold in government and how much was his wallpaper? Who was the third Goodie? And could John's snake ever learn to love him?And what else? John is yearning to visit a restaurant, Dad wants to move into a hotel, Erica will immediately call. read more...


Kiloran of Edinburgh - Blog

Squals AheadWe have wind! No, not just John, all of us - the type of wind Kiloran was made for. Consequently, moods have lifted and the whole team has even amicably agreed to play articulate, and to the rulebook (more or less) - boys versus girls are still neck and neck. Articulation of the day from David to the other men "you are them" - "clever" shout John and Cameron, self-invalidating. And how order to greet the squal in appropriate style, David woke up and donned his yellow Suwester hat, which Erica promptly sole and fashioned with a complexion enhancing pair of snorkling goggles. John amused himself by photographing the Union Jack against an ever growing rainbow while I made various unnecessary, high pitched noises.In other news, it's now 'dark as a witch's tit' -. read more...


Kiloran of Edinburgh - Blog

Same Same but DifferentThe days are sailing by while the food is only getting better. Steaks, homemade rosmary potato chips, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce for dinner tonight, which tried but failed to blow David's homegrown lemon-stuffed-ass, bacon wrapped, roast chicken (with fried Gnochi) out of the water - this was truly exquisite. And with regards to the bread, if I combine the ingredients, David is put in charge of kneading and Erica supervises the oven then blame for wrong-going is suffiently thinly spread so that we can each eat raw, unrisen bread contently in the morning.This afternoon we finally succeeded in convincing the old folks to play racing demons (aside from the Skipper who is neither old enough nor playful enough when it comes to cards). While John may be a demon,. read more...


Kiloran of Edinburgh - Haddock's blog again

Kiloran CrewHaddock's general synopsis for the folowing 24 hoursPortland Bill (David Weir) East Lothian,Calm (Beaufort scale zero)Giggles increasing severe laughterVisibility poor, Hearing Moderate,Clothes brightFastnet (talking) (Georgia Stewart)Hurriicane Force 12 Veering SouthSometimess good, never moderateOften boystresss and backing hungrySole (trader) (John Strachen)North, South, East, and Westpenchant for mountains often boats never depressionstorm visibility poor, hearing good (sorry?)Occasional windFair Isle (Erica Wood) South, Light Breeze never storm but with some German Bightlaughter increasing,occasional cakeVisibility always goodYours Capt HaddockSlowly drifting WestWhy change the haddock of a lifetime?(for non saltys this is a spoof on the shipping forcast........get a. read more...


Kiloran of Edinburgh - Blog

Day 8 (again?)Death by ArticulateBetween a breathtaking sunset and a smoldering moonset (which, by the way, David has guessed is 800 miles away, making it closer than London...) our entire crew nearly perished. Had the deadly event occured our headstones would read:"14 degrees North by 45 degrees WestDeath by Articulate".Other than that unspeakable game, which has left me in flustered tears and desperately needing a pee along with a tattered team moral, we've had a fairly pleasant day. We kicked off with a group reading of Aiden's (Erica's lover's) reply to our questions put in the previous blog which described, at serious length, the patterns of the moon and the hunting patterns of hungry sharks. We then promptly slept. Then we had some "grilled cheeses" as recommended by the chefs on. read more...

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