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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Blog

Same Same but Different

The days are sailing by while the food is only getting better. Steaks,
homemade rosmary potato chips, mushrooms and peppercorn sauce for dinner
tonight, which tried but failed to blow David's homegrown
lemon-stuffed-ass, bacon wrapped, roast chicken (with fried Gnochi) out
of the water - this was truly exquisite. And with regards to the bread,
if I combine the ingredients, David is put in charge of kneading and
Erica supervises the oven then blame for wrong-going is suffiently
thinly spread so that we can each eat raw, unrisen bread contently in
the morning.

This afternoon we finally succeeded in convincing the old folks to play
racing demons (aside from the Skipper who is neither old enough nor
playful enough when it comes to cards). While John may be a demon, David
certainly does not race and more closely resembles a wandering angel.

In other news, we have caught and rewilded a baracuda - George Monbiot
would be proud but the baracuda's dentist will not be best pleased, poor
soul. He was beautiful, and as per usual, I cried. Other than him, we
have caught much weed, finished a few books, washed the step covers, put
sails up and taken them down multiple times, argued about the
meanfulness of sailing, happiness and collecting of first editions,
discussed star constellations and time zones, completed the press up
challenge, eaten much chocolate and seen either a whale, a shark or a
large dolphin. Who knows anymore.

Over and out xoxo

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