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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Final Blog

The Flog

As we surf the waves at 14 degrees N & 60 degree West, 7 hours 22 minutes from Rodney Bay, St Lucia, we contemplate a cooked breakfast over early earl grey teas and reflect upon our Great Expectations.

Though our Mag currently points us towards Martinique, we are each looking forward to landing on St Lucian land, desperate to look up our trailing list of uncompleted arguments on Google. Do albatross really live for 75 years? Is fishes the plural of fish? What is the right gelatine:cream ratio for panacotta? What appointment did Derry Irvine
hold in government and how much was his wallpaper? Who was the third Goodie? And could John's snake ever learn to love him?

And what else? John is yearning to visit a restaurant, Dad wants to move into a hotel, Erica will immediately call Aiden, Georgia will run (away) and... David has no intention of getting off. Ever.

And what have we learnt? Never to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. That sirius and bear are stars, not only Harry Potter characters. That wild cats can be captive and still be wild cats. That Toby Kieth sings a very catchy song about the taliban and that sharks in the mid Atlantic are not especially hungry this time of year. And a wee bit about sailing.

And what has changed? Although occasionally fashioning the harness, overall, Erica has relinquished her title of Safety Police just in time for mum to arrive. From transphobic to transloving we have bestowed upon our old men the mind and opinion of the next generation. While it may be true that male chimpanzees would earn more than female humans in a tennis match, the man drawer has been renamed and the LGBT flag of pride will be flown (once we've regained access to much missed Amazon prime). David is now a self-professed 'rajing feminist': in his words "peace love and understanding is the truth, the whole truth" and "you can never have too many hats".

We have much to be grateful for besides David's comeover. Firstly to the fish (fishes?) who have accompanied us the entire way, sticking by our bow when the dolphins and whales deserted us: Thank you for making the flight of faith onto Kiloran and we are sorry that it was almost always your last one. I will not miss falling asleep to your dwindling flapping of wings. Alison (the engine) has kept on keeping on, and George (the autopilot) has prevailed. Another key member of staff, the Skipper, has been calm and collected, and always cool. Thank you both. Thank you also to Moby for providing the ideal workout song, bringing us together even in the slightest of wind. And to Kiloran, like a pancake you carry the flavour of adventure and we hope to wake up to you for many a breakfast
to come.

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