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Kiloran of Edinburgh - Blog

Squals Ahead

We have wind! No, not just John, all of us - the type of wind Kiloran was made for. Consequently, moods have lifted and the whole team has even amicably agreed to play articulate, and to the rulebook (more or less) - boys versus girls are still neck and neck. Articulation of the day from David to the other men "you are them" - "clever" shout John and Cameron, self-invalidating. And how disturbing.

in order to greet the squal in appropriate style, David woke up and donned his yellow Suwester hat, which Erica promptly sole and fashioned with a complexion enhancing pair of snorkling goggles. John amused himself by photographing the Union Jack against an ever growing rainbow while I made various unnecessary, high pitched noises.

In other news, it's now 'dark as a witch's tit' - according to our dearest John - and, in other words, this day is dawning. Throughout, dad has gone to backbreaking lengths (not literally) to reel in a weed; we have renamed white horses 'breaching dolphins' and the 'How to Make Personal Finance Easy' manual is making it's sixth appearance but I'm
falling asleep again. David still hasn't deciphered the on/off from the capture button on his camera, and, as per usual, we may have seen a shark?

Over and Out xoxo

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