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Jubilate Mare
Owner Pete Townsend
Design Oyster 47
Length Overall 14 m 30 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 47-35

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Jubilate Mare - Two weeks in, and finally, WIND!

Hello All, from the Jubilant Mates aboard Jubilate Mare.  Winds are blowing well now and the end is in sight. Two weeks in and FINALLY we have the  trade winds we had expected for the whole voyage. We now hope to arrive on the 3rd / 4th - good thing too as friends, Mark and Mary Lord, arrived on the 27th and go home on the 4th!! And to think when we set off with good winds (for one day only!) we did the projections and had thought we'd maybe arrive before they did. As Pete has often been heard to say "You can't sail to a timetable". However, fortunately we still have other family and friends staying til the 10th so will he able to sample the joys of St Lucia with them. I, for one, am looking forward to galloping on the beach and riding in the sea again.  We have. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Test

Just to see if it works!Pete T.Sent from my Thingy. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Off to Peniche!

A perfect sailing start this morning, which made a nicechange. Cruising chutes are up and the sun is coming out. We had a lovely time in Figueria da Foz and said goodbye to Tony before we left Porto. Tony's last supper was BBQ'd salmon steaks, Tom caught mackerel on the way down, which Pete pan fried for lunch and we had BBQ'd sardines for supper at the Yacht Club. The fish, as you would expect, is superb and plentiful, as is all fresh produce, and the local market was shopping heaven. We have been welcomed warmly everywhere we've visited and been showered with gifts. 🐝 x. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Jubilate Mare Porto to Figueira de Foz

Light winds have continued more or less every day. Today was no different really, but with a promising start from the Duoro river in Porto. A couple of hours later however, it was time to relax & hoist the cast iron genoa.The laws of physics prevent us covering 55 miles in less than 12 hours if we don't maintain an average of more than 4.5 knots. Unfortunately the laws of fishing also dictate that you won't catch much at above 4.5 knots. What to do??Unleash Tom on the fishing line! To his absolute amazement he caught lunch for four of us in very short order. Then followed lessons in how to murder mackerel. We'll get get him up to Yachtmaster standard yet.See the picture. The resulting fillets McFish though were superb and couldn't have been fresher.As a prelude to an "unlimited. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Jubilate Mare has made it to Portugal!

Thought it was about time I put pen to paper - well finger to screen! I can't believe how time has flown and miles been motored - not much wind so sailing hasn't really been an option.We are having a cracking time, great crew and fun fleet friends. We will (between us) attempt to make regular contributions, regarding our progress, for the rest of the Rally. We arrived in Porto today and had an electric tuk tuk tour of the city followed by a visit to a port house. Fleet supper tonight at a local restaurant and a 'fun and games' day is being organised for tomorrow. The sun is seriously hot, though I don'tthink it's quite as hot as you are experiencing in England! Boat is staying nice and cool, with a through draught, and days just melt one into the other. We sighted daily dolphins on our. read more...

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