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Great Escape of Southampton
Owner Great Escapes Leisure
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2
Length Overall 15 m 39 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR5852R

Great Escape is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2. She has completed 10 ARC's from New the last in 2011. She has 4 double cabins each with there own heads and shower. She is equipped with Water maker and Generator. She is available for Charter in the UK and Caribbean and can be found at most of the Regattas offering individual places. She is one of a few MCA Cat 0 boats that enter the ARC so is legitimately able to offer charter places.We have a Professional YM Ocean running the boat with a YM Offshore as 1st Mate

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Great Escape of Southampton - Great Escape takes 5th in Class and wins a prize!

Well done to our ARC crew. 5th in Class - Matt our skipper was surprised to be called up on stage to receive a prize at the final ARC party on Saturday night. Finally we beat Skyelark. Now we know why she has beaten us for the last 4 years Emily!!We would like to wish all Great Escapes clients and followers a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous new year. Don’t forget we have some spaces left for some of the Caribbean Regattas.RegardsPhil Munday . read more...


Great Escape of Southampton - 14 11 850n 60 33 670w

Logday 21 - could this be our last day at sea?!   Hi all,   I may be writing our blog for the last time and again I ask you to indulgeme while I dedicate this to my other adorable nephew Oliver who is six today.Happy Birthday Oliver!!   So even the chorizo is no longer and as we have been speeding along prettyfast, the fishermen amongst us have shied away from reeling out after‘Sailfish-gate’. Luckily it seems our provisioning worked out just about rightand having enjoyed the Atlantic treats of Mahi-Mahi & Bonito earlier in thevoyage we have a couple of spare supper options left which will see us well fedand hopefully safely into port tonight.   Funnily enough we had pictured our arrival into St Lucia cruising inglorious sunny skies, steel band playing, hula. read more...


Great Escape of Southampton - 14 15 260n 57 47 780w

Well, been a  quiet day on GE; a sunny morning followed by anafternoon of squalls which have  continued into the evening; dark lines ofcloud full of rain and wind. For the most part the rain is warm and you dry outin the sun though it is less comfortable at night. So just over 200 miles to runand suddenly the end of this journey seems very close. Some don’t want it to endwhile others are starting to think of landfall and the little luxuries it willbring.  Things like ( and in no particular order ) a chorizo free day,alcohol, a full night’s sleep, going to the lavatory on a stationary toiletbowl, drying dishes without performing a pirouette and not having that businesswith toilet paper that those of you who have visited Turkey know all about. Ofcourse a lot will be. read more...


Great Escape of Southampton - 14 26 160W 54 46 350N

Logday 19 -  Two days to go. It seems only yesterday that Skipper Matt was warning us ofwind holes in our future – massive wind holes (200 miles wide) and massivemassive wind holes 600 miles across. This last sort would have seen us eatingegg noodles and capers for Christmas dinner somewhere on the high seas.Now afterseveral great 200 mile days we have only 360 miles to go. After three thousandmiles and three weeks at sea we may yet be in a photo finish at the line withother boats in our class. The night saw several weak squalls passing through, a bit of rain and smallmodifications to our sail plan. Since there is not much to look at at sea theslightest activity is of great interest. Thus the eating habits of the BrownBooby ( a sea bird} was studied carefully by the early watch. It. read more...


Great Escape of Southampton - 14 23 310n 51 44 140w

LOG DAY 18- SPEEDRECORD Well, an excellent day of sailing,with less than 550nm to go, we are smashing them out ! It still feels we havethe ocean to ourselves as no sightings of any other vessels for over threedays. Ok so there is NOW a new speed recordof 13.2 knots to beat! I’m afraid I have to claim this one and shall bereceiving my crown upon arrival. Skipper Matt has suggested a pair of ‘SPEEDOS’for the prize to which uncle Pete (Peter Bacon) replied ‘ah something I cansupply from my personal collection’ It is fair to say Uncle Pete is not only aspecialist in speedos but is also an established Speedo wearer across the globe. Other news.. Jan is still rocking hisgreen head bandana, with comments that he is intending to represent a conventionof Makhi Makhi !!! Pip and Mike are on. read more...

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