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Great Escape of Southampton - 14 26 160W 54 46 350N

Log day 19 -

Two days to go. It seems only yesterday that Skipper Matt was warning us of wind holes in our future – massive wind holes (200 miles wide) and massive massive wind holes 600 miles across. This last sort would have seen us eating egg noodles and capers for Christmas dinner somewhere on the high seas.Now after several great 200 mile days we have only 360 miles to go. After three thousand miles and three weeks at sea we may yet be in a photo finish at the line with other boats in our class.

The night saw several weak squalls passing through, a bit of rain and small modifications to our sail plan. Since there is not much to look at at sea the slightest activity is of great interest. Thus the eating habits of the Brown Booby ( a sea bird} was studied carefully by the early watch. It appears they hunt alone, make 6-7 dives before a successful catch, and average we replicated on the fishing pole, and then eat their victim, presumed to be  a flying fish, while bobbing around on the surface of the ocean. How very interesting. Rather more interesting was a large ship ahead to port which courteously altered its course by 15 degrees to avoid us. Usually they just plow straight ahead and it’s up to you to get out of the way. Thanks, whoever you were.

We continued with two reefs in the main and a poled. out jib throughout then day. Winds ENE 15-20 knots allowed us to bowl along at 7-8 knots but since it was almost dead down wind it didn’t seem that fast. The Atlantic swell produced a rolly ride on 10-15 foot (3-5 metre) waves.

We are saving our tank water for the final run in.If we all take a shower immediately prior to arrival it will be greatly appreciated by the friends and relatives assembling to meet us and the marina bar staff I am sure. Our noses have no doubt been desensitized by now and we have no idea how bad we all smell.

Fabio celebrated his speed record a little prematurely in yesterday’s blog. It was twice exceeded today, first by Pip at 13.4 knots and then David hit 13.5. Serves him right.

A thought for those friends flying into UVF on Saturday. You may get a chance to taxi share to Rodney Bay.
I’m going to look at the stars,


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