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Great Escape of Southampton - 14 23 310n 51 44 140w


Well, an excellent day of sailing, with less than 550nm to go, we are smashing them out ! It still feels we have the ocean to ourselves as no sightings of any other vessels for over three days.

Ok so there is NOW a new speed record of 13.2 knots to beat! I’m afraid I have to claim this one and shall be receiving my crown upon arrival. Skipper Matt has suggested a pair of ‘SPEEDOS’ for the prize to which uncle Pete (Peter Bacon) replied ‘ah something I can supply from my personal collection’ It is fair to say Uncle Pete is not only a specialist in speedos but is also an established Speedo wearer across the globe.

Other news.. Jan is still rocking his green head bandana, with comments that he is intending to represent a convention of Makhi Makhi !!! Pip and Mike are on extreme burner rations, now only allowed one burner every 250 nm and Uncle Pete is becoming a regular visitor of the head, blaming it on his second sardine sandwich!!! yes we believe you or possibly it was the flying fish Jan slipped in.. who knows anyway hope you have some good reading material in there Uncle ‘Peter’.

Ok so that’s it for now, looking forward to an excellent night of helming ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!




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