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Owner Maurice Mason
Design Nautitech 46 Open
Length Overall 13 m 79 cm
Flag Ireland
Sail Number IRL1764

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Jadamama blog day 18

A general indolence hit the crew as we were forced into motoring a few days ago or more accurately, a focus that has shifted to finishing and cleaning up.Although motoring had seemed unthinkable, it has become routine with either no wind or impossible wind angles that elicit groans as the forecast models come through. We have been using the WRI and ECMWF forecasts primarily and spending data in the hunt for better conditions to little avail as staying on the rhumb line nearly always seemed to be the sensible course. Fuel anxiety has declined as we have been measuring usage over longer terms rather than relying on the erratic feedback from the gauges and are now more consistent with the manufacturer figures and our own historic numbers. It will still be tighter than we would like but with. read more...


Jadamama Blog Day 16 - A Reel or a Merry Dance

A Reel or a Merry Dance?Not much fishing experience for this author, so when the Las Palmas fishing shop was offering a complete rod/reel package it seemed too good to pass up. Add some lures, tracers and other paraphernalia and I expected that the fish would jump into Jadamama almost by themselves!And so it seemed; on our first attempt, two lovely fish were caught, which Maryrose turned them into a delicious fish dinner. Move on a few more days, lighter winds, “better” speed for fishing, and out goes the line again. No fish, but what of it, plenty of time. Then a few days ago, still no fish but lots of weed, and the reel begins to make odd noises, the line slips, can’t wind it in. We notice two screws missing, which must be compromising the internal mechanism, only alternative the. read more...


Jadamama - Blog day 15

Alas, our strategy of following a deep southerly route to stay in pressure, died late Sunday afternoon, with the dwindling wind.The forecast outlook has us motor sailing most or all of the way to St Lucia, and at 13.10 with 620 miles to go we reluctantly turned on the engine.With an ETA of Friday the mood on board is more relaxed.2 fishing lines are out, but no joy so farAnother game of scrabble has commenced with Maryrose attempting 3 wins in a rowAll thinking about the 3 items to present at dinner on Thursday reflective of our experiences on the trip namely a picture, model and a haiku.Cheers,Marc. read more...


Jadamama - Blog day 14 Jadamama

ARC Ditty for my grandkids (with apology to Edward Lear) We Went To Sea In A Catamaran We went to sea in a catamaran, In a cat we went to sea.Our friends all said ‘Take care, take care,We don’t know how you dare!” On a sunny Sunday we left the CanariesAnd waves goodbye, goodbye.With a hundred boats we all set sailFar out in the blue North Atlantic.The very next dayAll the boats disappeared!Were they stolen by the fairies?And a flying fish flew onto our deck,‘Oh silly fish, what in the heck?’ We went to sea in a catamaran,In a cat we went to sea.Two hundred miles the very first day,And the dolphins tried to race us!‘Where are you going? We’ll show you the way!’But on we sailed, not a backward glance,And they couldn't keep up their dance.But a flying fish landed on. read more...


Jadamama - Jadamama blog Day 13

It’s feeling very hot and sticky these last few days on Jadamama with fans on in the cabins at night to try and get cool enough to sleep. We are also seeing larger amounts of Sargasso weed floating by, it looks a bit like bladder wrack but is more clumped and sparked a conversation about whether it was edible. Not that we need morefood as Maryrose keeps finding yet more “lastbits of vegetables” so I suspect that we will do the entire crossing on fresh food, more or less. Every morning I clear the deck of the flying fish and indeed have been hit by a few when at the helm which certainly wakes you up. We have so much food left that we prefer not to fish any longer as we won’t be able to use it and that would be especially sad if it was a significant catch.We are managing to stay in the. read more...

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