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Owner Carolyn & Kurt Harrington
Design Morris 48
Length Overall 14 m 78 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 48601

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IceBear - Bay of Islands Lau Group June 12-16

Every place we go seems more beautiful than the previous place. Lomolomo is in the Lau Group and we gave Kava as a gift to the Chief and then proceeded to go around the island to a pretty cove that had a beautiful large cabin cruiser tied up to a small pier and then we saw an ATV parked on the rocks. There were 271 stairs that led to a magnificent plantation cut from the hills and mountains overlooking the Pacific! It reminded Kurt of a beautiful 18 hole golf course with palm trees dotting the middle of fairways,except with cows and horses and sheep grazing in the middle of the course! They were all busy cutting the grass. There were concrete cart trails all along this course.Every few acres, new fencing had been put up and we were greeted by a native woman who worked there. She showed. read more...


IceBear - June 10 Sunday Going to Fiji

Hey Folks,We left Tonga after 12 days of rest and relaxation,getting provisions and fuel and enjoying Enolei Botanical Garden and the VaVaU group.The Kingdom of Tonga was like no other group of islands we visited. It is a lush New England green and reminds me of Maine, except for the palm trees.Its people are proud and dignified, usually wearing their customary skirts even for the men. They are very religious and church services are formal and crowded with church goers, unlike trends you see in the states where numbers of attendees are dwindling.So far, for the last 3 legs, there is only Kurt and myself. That is from Tahiti we had Calle who was awesome. We raced the Tahiti Pearl Regatta with Calle, but he said goodbye to be on Pretaixte when we arrived in Bora Bora. From Bora Bora we. read more...


IceBear - Blog Entry-Suwarrow

In the middle of the South Pacific lies a small atoll discovered by a Russian named Suvarov.The atoll is also called by that name and, after a 600 mile sail from Bora Bora we are here. But not without a significant emergency aboard Mad Monkey. At 1600 hours, a Pan Pan was radioed from Mad Monkey."We have lost our rudder and fear the ingress of water and are prepared to launch our life raft."Thank God that was the worst case scenario and their rudder actually came loose from its upper bearings and actually "dropped" down through the rudder post a number of inches and would have gone had it not been for Markand his crew jury rigging a loop of DYNEEMA through the top of the rudder and attaching it the spinnaker halyard and laterally to the traveller.World Arc boats immediately turned to aid. read more...


IceBear - Icebear goes to Teahupo,Surfing Billybong

Mother Nature made a cool way of making surf tunnels. The western side of Tahiti joins a southern swell at Chupo, also called Teahupo. Today was a gentle day and we filmed 2 Australian honeymooners surfing in this beautiful curl that creates a roiling circle after the wave breaks.. read more...


IceBear - IceBear arrives in Papeete,Tahiti

Well, it has been just about 4 months since we left St. Lucia, then to Santa Marta, Columbia, then to San Blas Islands, then to Shelter Bay, then to Panama Canal, then to La Playita, then Las Perlas, then to Galapagos, then to Marquesas, then to Tuamotus, then to Tahiti! Internet access has been awful but other boats have managed to blog and hold their stories until they get connectivity.Now, in Papeete, we are finally again in a city where yes, just like all busy cities, there is traffic congestion, pick pockets, and expensive everything.But there is also beauty, hoy weather, and delightful food! We are here for a sail drive seal and rigging fixes and to get a lesson on how to sail our new Parasailor from Germany!. read more...

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